Valsana cycling tour

Valsana cycling tour

Valsana cycling tour
Bike tour of the Valsana,
at the foot of the Treviso Pre-Alps

This itinerary will take us to discover the ValSana, at the foot of the Treviso Pre-Alps, which extends from Vittorio Veneto towards the centers of Cison di Valmarino and Follina. The itinerary extends over about 32 km for a difference in height of 350 meters and is almost completely cycle-friendly.

The starting point of our itinerary is the town of Revine but as it is a circular tour, it is possible to start from any point of the itinerary. It develops completely in the valley and is therefore suitable for all those who want to discover this wonderful valley, rich in history and nature, without committing to overcome too much altitude.

We cross the picturesque glacial lakes of Santa Maria and Lago, immersed in the reeds, commonly known as Laghi di Revine, small and characteristic villages, places rich in historical and prehistoric testimonies of the valley, up to the famous Cistercian Abbey of Follina, our tour of buoy.

The itinerary develops in about 32 km for a difference in height of 350 m. and it is almost completely cycleable. For some short stretches it will be necessary to push the bike by hand so as not to have to give up on discovering some exciting corners of great historical – naturalistic interest. We will ride on a partly asphalted, partly dirt road. From the center of the town of Revine we take Via delle Lame, towards the south, and immediately we can admire the ancient nineteenth-century wash house where the women used to do their laundry. We then follow the municipal road to the west which in about 1 km leads us to cross the road to Tarzo which we will cross, taking a country road that runs alongside the provincial road for a short distance; we turn left almost immediately and in a few meters we reach the start of the new cycle path, clearly visible on our right, which will immerse us in the tranquility of this place.

We pass the Miami Beach equipped area and continue along the path that runs along the lake, enraptured by its calm waters, lined with reeds and dotted with water lilies, and we reach the small center of Lake with its marina and its characteristic stone houses. Here we can make a small detour to visit the Livelet educational park, where there are the archaeological remains of an ancient pile-dwelling village.

We retrace our steps, cross the alleys of the ancient village of Lago, and once we reach the state road we cross it heading west, almost immediately taking to the right an uphill asphalted road, via Valdelle, and after a few tens of meters we turn left again into via Caiada. We then continue on a pleasant asphalted road, always remaining a little higher than the provincial road with beautiful views on the other side of the valley until we reach the village of Sottocroda and again the road, which we take to the right along about 200 m .; at the entrance to the complex called “Al Borgo” we cross the road and take the cycle path that runs along the road always to the right; just before the junction for Valdobbiadene / Follina, before the petrol station, where the cycle path ends, we cross the road again on the pedestrian crossing and take the road that starts right in front of us and that takes us to the town of Tovena , an ancient village also famous for the road that climbs to the S. Boldo pass, called the “road of the hundred days” because it was built in just 100 days by the Austro-Hungarian army during the First World War to supply the first lines on the front of the Piave river .

Once on the main square we have to go back towards the valley so we turn our backs on the mountains and the road of a hundred days and take the road that leads slightly downhill towards the valley, being careful to take about 250 m. after a grassy passage on the right, which on a dirt road brings us back to the provincial road that leads to Cison di Valmarino. At this point we immediately take the ancient Via Maestra uphill to the right which once connected the towns of Longhere and Cison di Valmarino and on a pleasant dirt track we reach the village of Cison in about 2 km, rich in history and tradition that will leave us enchanted. for the magnificent views of the Brandolini castle which stands imposing on a spur above the town as well as for the beauty of the perfectly preserved ancient village.

Before entering the narrow streets of the town and towards the Castle, the Via dei Mulini is worth a visit, a spectacular path that winds through the woods along the Rujo stream revealing the presence of ancient mills and other hydraulic works until reaching the San Daniele Valley and the wood of the cut-off feathers. We only cover the first short stretch of this beautiful walk, pushing our bikes on foot due to the slightly slippery surface, but the shadow of the forest, the rustle of the water and the magic of the place will still give us a moment of peace and relaxation.

We then return to the village, passing through the beautiful square in the center, pass the parking lot of Castelbrando and continue towards the town of Valmareno along via degli Alpini, then via Biorca on the left and then via Ronche, being careful to turn left towards the cemetery. ; here we walk along the grassy sheep track on the right and as soon as we enter the dirt road we turn right and almost immediately, before the climb, we take the sheep track on the left; we are on the educational path, called via dell’acqua, which in a short and interesting walk will lead us to the center of Follina which links its history to the birth of the Cistercian Abbey of Santa Maria

We cross the center of the country, pass the Municipality of Follina, turn right onto via Follinetta and shortly afterwards left onto the one-way street, still keeping the left and then right to take the beautiful Via dei Molini which we will leave shortly after to take a nice grassy sheep track on the right that will lead us to the provincial road to Pieve di Soligo. We are at the halfway point of our route.

We cross the parking lot of the coop and take the cycle path that runs along the provincial road to the north; at the end of the cycle path, we cross the pedestrian crossing and take the road that starts right in front of us, via alla sega, where the Valsana cycle path begins. At the Stop we keep to the right and then we always follow the cycle path keeping to the valley floor. Due to the constant presence of the Soligo river, the cycle path is also called “via dell’acqua” and winds along a wide and sunny valley, with almost no difference in height.

After the church of the Madonna delle Grazie in Cison, the most satisfying path of the cycle path begins and our eyes will be captivated by enchanting views of the peaks of the Pre-Alps. Always keeping to the valley floor, skirting the Soligo, we will skirt the towns of Mura and Gai to pass Borgo Teson and at the first downhill bend we will enter the dirt road to the right, passing the barrier until we reach the state road. of the Revine lakes and here our cycle path ends.

We continue uphill towards Tarzo and a few tens of meters later we cross the road and take a secondary road on the left, crossing the village of Fratta and admiring the nice murals made by local painters (to find out more /index/places-to-visitare/la-via-deimurales.html).

Having reached the hamlet of Colmaggiore, near a nice dry curve to the right, take the small road on the left downhill and reach the shores of the lake, passing the equipped area of ​​the “Va dee Femene” park, a meeting and fun place for families. Immediately after the park we are careful to take the sheep track on the left, before the uphill stretch that will take us back to the starting point along the lake.

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