Soppressa Trevigiana

Soppressa Trevigiana

Soppressa Trevigiana is a medium-large sized salami, stuffed into natural bovine casing tied with string, which by its nature has different diameters and the typical ribs that give that fascinating and wonderful irregular shape typical of cured meats in natural casing.
The use of carefully selected and processed pork allows the sopressa from Treviso to retain a “natural softness and sweetness” for a long time.

Product name, including synonyms and dialect terms
Sopressa trevisana

Territory interested in production

Province of Treviso


The soppresse, as well as musetti, salami and other sausages, were packaged in the agricultural families of the Treviso area by the local expert. After the pig was killed, the meat was processed and the various products prepared. That was a period of intense community work but also of great celebration and abundance. Various documents testify that already in 1800 these products were hung for 8-10 days in the kitchens in the presence of a lit brazier, in order to dry the fresh product. After this short period they were placed in the cellar or in a cool and dirt basement for storage.

Product description

The soprèssa is a large cured meat with variable dimensions due to the variability of the bovine guts in which they are stuffed. The shape is arched, the diameter ranges from 10 to 20 cm, the weight ranges from 1 to 7 Kg. It is produced with 70% of lean meat, with savory and soft fat with bacon, salt, pepper, cumin, sometimes a chopped cloves and cinnamon. Some artisanal and familiar processes add Prosecco wine (1 liter per quintal of meat) to the mixture, to obtain a tastier pasta or red wine like Cabernet. Aging causes the soprèssa to take on the whitish and then dark gray-brown color of the mold on the outside. When cut, the meat appears red in color tending to pink, with the characteristic irregular white marbling due to the component of fat that surrounds the protein part.

Production process

Lean meat, in a percentage of around 70%, is ground to medium grain (6-8 mm) with the fat of the bacon, and flavored with salt, pepper and a small quantity of cumin. The mixture is stuffed into a cow casing and takes on an arch shape. The suppressed are then pricked with a tool called “sponciarol”, to let the air and liquids come out of the gut, then left to dry and mature. Seasoning must take place at a constant temperature, with a level of humidity that must never be excessive, in order to prevent mold from forming. Maturing can last from five months to almost two years. The artisanal conservation is done in cool cellars, possibly dirt roads. The action of low temperatures favors the maturation of the sausages since the fat finds the right conditions to thicken.


The soppressed trevisana can be found throughout the year at retail markets, farmhouses and restaurants in the production area.


The soppressa is an excellent sausage to be eaten raw cut into slices or cooked on the grill.

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