Giusti Wine

Giusti Wine

Giusti Wine
Perfectly integrated into the Montello landscape, protected by landscape restrictions, the Giusti Wine cellar reproduces the natural course of the hills.

Located in the center of the Sienna Estate, a few steps from the Abbey of Sant’Eustachio, it is developed on five floors dug into the ground. Designed by architect Armando Guizzo, it perfectly embodies the corporate values: respect for nature, environmental, social and economic sustainability, care for beauty and goodness and a culture of hospitality. The whole structure has been designed to offer the visitor a real journey into the world of wine that begins in the driveway immersed in the vineyards of the property.

At the entrance to the cellar, the welcoming wine shop houses the tasting area while the “sea of ​​bubbles” of a splendid Murano chandelier, developed on 5 floors, accompanies the descent into the beating heart. Here an “emotional promenade” of 400 meters immersed in the places of production explains the history of the wines of Montello and Asolo and that of the founder, Ermenegildo Giusti. Thanks to the blow-ups of the vineyards and territory and the windows on the wine-making cellar, you can discover the vines, the vineyards and the characteristics of each Giusti Wine bottle.

At the end of the walk, you arrive in the square covered by rows, where an underground garden and a veil of cascading water create an oasis of tranquility, ideal for a break. In a crescendo of emotions, you arrive at the terrace overlooking the vineyard that covers the roof, a lookout on some of the most beautiful views of Montello, where aperitifs and dinners are organized.


Via Arditi 14 / A 31040 Nervesa della Battaglia (TV)

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