Masottina’s Wines

Masottina's Wines

Roots and inspiration have been renewed for 75 harvests for the Dal Bianco family, passing on from year to year and from generation to generation a continuous enchantment, that of the care for the precious gifts that Mother Nature offers through the vineyard.
The soul of Masottina wines takes root in the 280-hectare vineyard, selected over the course of their family’s history.

The cellar is the place where the soul finds maximum expression, keeping the promise of an ancient dream: that of Adriano Dal Bianco who wanted to vinify his grapes with accuracy and speed, to preserve them from oxidation. These today are the protagonists of Carthusian passages, from the choice on the plant to reaching the cellar in the early morning, where they live a second selection.

Gravity is an ally of winemaking: it accompanies the entry into the cellar, goes through the soft pressing, and follows the arrival of the must in the frementini. Refinement in tanks and careful monitoring ultimately lead to the birth of Masottina wines, the result of family rituals, representative of terroirs with a precious history, selections in a single vineyard or skilful blends.
Only in this way is it possible to define the taste-olfactory potential of each combination and its expressive abilities, in full respect of an always elegant and clean character.


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