Paladin Vigne e Vini

Paladin Vigne e Vini

Paladin Vigne e Vini has been a family business since the beginning. The first office was opened in 1962, in Motta di Livenza in the Treviso area, on the border with the Venetian one, they moved in the mid-1970s to Annone Veneto, a historic post office on the Roman via Postumia.
The passion for vines and wine comes from Valentino, from his habit of following his grandfather, since he was a child, in the countryside and then in the cellar.

When he will be able to create his cellar, passion, research, dedication and respect for traditions will be the values ​​that will guide him in his determination to enhance the territorial typicality of the area, Lison-Pramaggiore, producing excellent wines.

Paladin wines are the result of lands rich in natural elements, history, traditions and ancient cultures. In the area that extends between Veneto and Friuli, along the consular via Postumia, built in the second century AD by the consul Postumio Albino to connect the two main Roman ports of northern Italy, Genoa to Aquileia, by land cultures, which have consolidated in things and in people. Pliny the Elder speaks of it as an immense large vineyard, from whose ports ships loaded with wine amphorae set sail for Rome. From these lands, to escape the barbarian invasions of the Huns, the people who founded Venice then left. In this important area there are their soils which, thanks to their clayey-calcareous nature, the result of the last glaciation, are particularly favorable to the development of international vines, since these minerals give the bunches a markedly typical trait.

Paladin Vigne e Vini opens the doors of Villa Paladin to enthusiasts and travelers by welcoming wine tourists from all over the world with original tastings, from classic to sensory, organizing food and wine parties with local producers, events with artists, cultural and oenological meetings, such as of the University of Wine, a project to get together and share flavors and values ​​of the civilization of drinking.


Via Postumia-12, 30020 – Annone Veneto (VE) Italy

+39 0422 768 167 /

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