Pizzolato’s winery

Pizzolato's winery

Pizzolato’s winery
Pages of a book that tell a long story of family, parents and children, who work together the land, organic by its nature. We are in 1900, in the open countryside north of Treviso, designed by fruit trees and vineyards. Organic is the air you breathe, it is the earth and the fruits of this agriculture of the past are.

The present is Settimo Pizzolato, at the helm. Since 1991, rich in the experience of the five generations that preceded him, he has chosen to feel good, to increase the biological value of the company. It keeps the ecosystem of the countryside in balance and organizes the cellar in order to respectfully vinify the healthy and genuine grapes that come from the vineyards. This grape will give a messenger wine of typicality and well-being.


Via IV Novembre 12, Villorba (TV) – Italy

Tel. +39 0422 928166 / E-mail: welcome@lacantinapizzolato.com


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