The Manzane

The Manzane

The Manzane
With the majestic Dolomites looking down, under the Prealps, the province of Treviso hosts us in a welcoming sunny hilly area called “Manzana”. Le Manzane was born and lives in a magnificent area in the hills of Felettano, a special place synonymous with human heritage. In this area, the landscape aspects and human settlement have found perfect harmony, creating a unique and fascinating panorama as well as a world-famous production center.

The history of the company has its roots in the mid-1900s. In 1958 Osvaldo Balbinot, founder of the family, started a small business in the wine sector, helped by his wife Elsa and later by his son Ernesto. It is the beginning of a dream that has spanned three entire generations. Each phase of the production process is followed personally by Ernesto with attention and care for every detail together with his wife Silvana and their children Marco and Anna, who have decided to follow in their father’s footsteps by committing themselves with enthusiasm so that the dream becomes ever more ambitious.

Over 70 hectares of agricultural land located in the land of Prosecco Superiore where we lovingly cultivate and grow the bunch of grapes which will then be welcomed into our cellar to end up in your glasses. A territory predisposed by nature and rich in winemaking tradition is able to give optimal conditions for the vines; the sun, the wind and the temperature range contribute to giving golden clusters to Glera, the main grape followed by Verdiso, Manzoni and Marzemino.

In the presence of the Dolomites, the Cantina Le Manzane lives, which takes its name from the area called “Manzana” and which constitutes an advanced point of the wine culture.

The new store of the San Pietro di Feletto estate (TV) is a modern and welcoming space where customers and tourists can taste and buy, with the direct sale of the wines to the public, the best of the company’s production and where you will also find a selected choice of other wines of the ‘Amici di Ernesto’.


Via Maset, 47 / B – 31020 S. Pietro di Feletto (TV)

Tel. +39.0438.486606 / Fax +39.0438.787881 /

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