Osteria Alla Pasina

Converted from a 19th-century Veneto farmhouse, the “Alla Pasina” restaurant is located in Dosson, in the DOC area of the famous Red Radicchio of Treviso.

“Alla Pasina” offers its guests 6 double rooms. All rooms offer: bathroom, automatic hairdryer, soap and shampoo, air conditioning, internet connection, telephone, minibar, TV, safe.

A typical country inn, our restaurant Alla Pasina is located in Dosson, just a stone’s throw from Treviso; a restaurant that the unforgettable Veneto gastronome Giuseppe Maffioli loved to frequent to talk about cooking: the kind that Giancarlo Pasin and his wife Teresa, together with their children Simone and Nicoletta, prepare today with so much love and passion.

The restaurant offers traditional, creative and refined cuisine, with both meat and fish dishes, varying with the seasons, often at km0: from vegetables to mushrooms, meat, fish and very pleasant dishes with red radicchio from Treviso. House desserts and a list of regional, national and foreign wines.

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