Roncade’s Castle

Roncade's Castle

Roncade’s Castle
The Castle of Roncade, rebuilt in 1508, is one of the rare pre-Palladian villas surrounded by medieval walls. It rises in the center of the city of Roncade, in the Venetian countryside between Treviso and Venice. A majestic Renaissance complex inhabited for four centuries by the Giustinian family, whose illustrious members have linked it with the history of the Most Serene Republic of Venice. The Ciani Bassetti family, with ancient agricultural traditions, took over the property at the beginning of the twentieth century, with the renovation of the castle and the replanting of the vineyards. This place, one of the most interesting crus in Treviso, over the years has fueled the family’s passion for wine and the continuing ambition to raise the quality of the wines produced. Today, the villa’s luxurious suites and apartments located in the towers offer high-level hospitality just a few kilometers from the most interesting tourist centers in the Veneto region and the Treviso and Venice airports. Guided tours of the villa are organized, as well as tastings to offer visitors the opportunity to taste the wines of the Castle and learn about the history that has linked this villa to the territory for years.

One hundred and ten hectares of vineyards, with a terroir characterized by a microclimate with low rainfall and a layer of “caranto” a few centimeters deep, allow the Castello di Roncade cellar to produce quality wines: fragrant white wines and full-bodied red wines known to stand out, winning important awards in wine guides and competitions.


Via Roma, 141 | 31056 Roncade – Treviso
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