A spectacular Agrimont 2022 has been inaugurated

The 41. Agrimont opens in a big way, with a spectacular display. The numerous authorities who intervened were also enthusiastic. The 7th Journalistic Award dedicated to Ivano Pocchiesa was given to Martino Liuzzi.

To cut the ribbon of the 41st edition of “Agrimont”, the mountain agriculture fair at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti and which will remain open tomorrow and then resume from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 March, three MEPs have arrived, Rosanna Conte, Gianantonio Da Re and Mara Bizzotto. Together with them, with the president of the Fair Gian Angelo Bellati, perfect in the role of “cicerone” accompanied by the Mayor of Longarone, as well as President of the Province of Belluno Roberto Padrin, also Silvia Cestaro, regional councilor with delegation from President Zaia, Sen. Luca De Carlo and the Hon Roger De Menech.

«Already from the first day there was a full house with regard to the exhibition spaces – underlined Bellati – which confirms that Agrimont is increasingly a point of reference for a fundamental sector for the protection and development of the mountain territory. But I want to emphasize that the aim is not only to bring machinery and equipment to the attention of a public that is increasingly attentive to ecology and sustainability, but, above all, to be a driving force for the redevelopment and repopulation of our mountain territory “.

After Bellati’s speech, Hon. De Carlo who underlined the importance of protecting a UNESCO heritage such as our mountains so that they become not only a naturalistic attraction. In the same vein, the intervention of the Count who wanted to point out how, even in Europe, the Dolomites are recognized for their beauty and hospitality.
Gianantonio De Re said he was honored to be almost a permanent “guest” at the Fair’s events and he committed himself so that not only Agrimont, but all the opportunities that Longarone Fiere offers can improve over time and become a meeting center not only for stands but also for culture and meetings. It is not for nothing that Oscar De Bona, president of the Bellunesi nel Mondo Association, was also present at the presentation.

For Mara Bizzotto these are unique opportunities not to be missed to create the foundations of a territory that should not be considered just a beautiful “postcard” to be observed but become and return to being what it was in the past: a center where craftsmanship and commerce were synonymous of work and opportunities. Silvia Cestaro brought greetings from President Zaia reiterating the concept of how the Fair must increasingly assume a central role for mountain culture and not just in anticipation of the Olympic Games. To follow the novelty of this inauguration.

Mayor Padrin takes the floor to deliver the Ivano Pocchiesa journalistic prize to Martino Liuzzi for “the attention and contribution dedicated to the world of artisanal ice cream in its journalistic activity”. Liuzzi, moved, thanked the whole world that revolves around Longarone Fiere, which allowed to highlight the values ​​of a people proud of their traditions, tenacious, rich in ideas, brilliant. Trainer and teacher has been committed for years to making our young hopes grow and establish themselves in the world of work.

Focusing on young people, after the usual photos, is also the basic concept expressed by De Menech who closed the award ceremony. «If we really want to relaunch and experience the mountains, this is the right moment – he said – with the funding, the NRP, the European funds, these beautiful mountains of ours can give everyone a bright future. Starting precisely with young people, with the rediscovery of our art, also with the collaboration of those who, like Belluno, are touched by the Venetian mountains such as Verona and Vicenza, with whom we can work in synergy. And that is why appointments and meetings such as the one to be held at 3.00 pm with demonstrations of “Theory and practice of grafting and pruning” organized by the I.I.S. Agrarian “A. Della Lucia ”of Feltre with prof. Alessandro Gallon and addressed to our children must be the spokesperson to make our young people understand that the future is here and it is now ».

It will resume tomorrow from 9.00 to 19.00 to talk about “Biodiversity and human activities: contrasts and synergies” with Ap Mark with Dr. Katia Zanatta first, and about “Local Bees for sustainable beekeeping” with Dr. Cecilia Costa. We remind you that Agrimont 2022 will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 19, on Friday from 14.30 to 19.

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