Agrimont 2022: the mountain agriculture and animal husbandry fair is back

According to President Bellati, “2022 looks like a very important year of restart, with a reservation of all the spaces and with many companies that will participate”.

Agrimont – the mountain agriculture and animal husbandry fair is back, in its historic dates, 19-20 and 25-26-27 March 2022, which earned it the nickname “spring fair”. After the cancellation in 2020, last year Longarone Fiere Dolomiti managed to organize an important online forum that allowed it to reach tens of thousands of people, thanks to the collaboration of numerous partners and companies in the sector.

Now “2022 looks like a very important year of restart – underlines the President Gian Angelo Bellati – with a reservation of all the spaces and with many companies that will participate. We hope to reach the record of 2019, with 278 corporate brands represented, 141 direct exhibitors from 14 Italian regions and 13 countries from all over the world “.
Agrimont has always attracted a large number of visitors, representing the awakening of spring. A fair that involves the world of mountain agriculture, but which also gives space to the products of nature: in fact, the stands offering typical mountain agriculture products, such as cheeses, honey and sausages, are always highly sought after by visitors. Mountain agriculture which, in addition to the production of high quality food, provides multiple services such as the maintenance of an open and usable landscape, the conservation of biodiversity, the protection of natural resources, the maintenance of a minimum level of population, safeguarding of infrastructures and preservation of culture and traditions.

“There is the desire to return to normalcy – continues Bellati – and above all to all the activities before the pandemic. Agrimont covers many sectors related to the mountains. From the forestry chain to equipment and machinery, from agritourism to environmental management, up to horticulture “.

The latter in particular has grown a lot in recent years, certainly thanks to the green bonus. An incentive reconfirmed by the new budget law 2022 and which provides for a tax deduction of 36% for the renovation of gardens, balconies and terraces. But the incentives also continue with the “New Sabatini” and the tax credit on investments 4.0, as for new agricultural entrepreneurs under 40. Agrimont will therefore be able to perform an important service and represent a great opportunity for both exhibitors and farms that will find the most appropriate answers to their current needs at the fair.

“If we look at the great European objectives – highlights Bellati – of the biodiversity of 2030 and the Green Deal of 2050, the one who plays the lion’s share of these programs is precisely the agriculture sector. The environment is therefore a fundamental issue that we are following with extreme attention, also to maintain the usual connection that Longarone Fiere Dolomiti has always had with European policies “.

There will then be in-depth conferences, from the CAP to the sustainability of agriculture in the mountains, but declined under various aspects: environmental, social, economic. And also “We will present the state of the art of the Life Vaia project which deals, among other things, with the theme of the reuse of woodlands that have been damaged by the storm, but which also studies how to make mountain areas increasingly productive in order to restocking, to create jobs and income “.

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