Ampezzo Dolomites Natural Park: spires, forests and silence

The rocky giants rise like soaring steeples, while the overhanging walls become a paradise for experienced climbers. Then the eye descends from this ancient stone world and encounters wide, green valleys, forests, small lakes, streams and waterfalls.

This breathtaking landscape has been protected since 1990 through the establishment of the Ampezzo Dolomites Nature Park.

It covers about 11,000 hectares of territory north of Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the heart of the eastern Dolomites, a natural area of extraordinary beauty, devoid of inhabited settlements, with impressive rock faces that offer postcard-perfect scenery.

Suffice it to mention the massifs of Tofana, Fanes and Col Bechei, Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo and Cristallo, respectively divided by the Travenanzes valley, Fanes valley, upper Boite valley and Felizon valley.

These natural environments of rare beauty are also made up of coniferous forests, monumental spruces, beeches and larches that cover the sides of the valleys, while fragrant mountain pines make room on the rocky slopes. Endemic and rare species include the Dolomite Evergreen, taken as the symbol of the Park, and no less than 35 species of orchids.

In this extraordinary environment, one encounters ibexes, chamois, eagles and eagle owls, the extremely rare three-toed woodpecker, foxes and weasels, up to recent sightings of brown bears.

How to discover and experience the park? Simple, just follow one of the many paths, on foot or by mountain bike, you will be spoilt for choice. Experienced climbers, on the other hand, will be able to realise a dream by climbing daring summits, immersed in an unreal yet thrilling silence.


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