Antonio Carpenè and Giovan Battista Cerletti celebrated by the students of the Enological School of Conegliano

29 OCTOBER 2018
Antonio Carpenè and Giovan Battista Cerletti celebrated by the students of the Enological School of Conegliano
Conegliano celebrates Antonio Carpenè and Giovan Battista Cerletti. And it does so with a tribute to the two Founders of the first Italian Wine School, in the year of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Carpenè Malvolti, which intervened precisely by the hand of Antonio Carpenè himself, a man of science who dedicated his entire life to studies scientific research, empirical research and increasingly innovative technical experiments in the continuous intention of contributing to the development of Viticulture and Enology.

It was starting from one of his ideas, combined with the experience gained abroad by the engineer Giovan Battista Cerletti – also promoter of the first Italian Experimental Wine Station – that the project took shape in 1873 that would lead in 1876 to the establishment of the first Oenological School of post-unification Italy.

A union of intent born on the basis of in-depth knowledge and experience gained in the field. Antonio Carpenè, who went down in history as one of the most enlightened and visionary minds of the nineteenth century in science and business as well as the author of the most authoritative manuals and publications on Enology and Viticulture; and Giovan Battista Cerletti, with his numerous experiences of specialization abroad and in particular at the Chemical-Physiological Station for Enology and Fruit Growing in Klosterneuburg, Germany, where the Enological School directed by Baron August Wilhelm von was also located Babo.
To support their project, driven by the common belief that the Territory needed this institution, the then Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Luigi Luzzati, already an active part in 1868 in the foundation of the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice.

In this context, the main objective of Antonio Carpenè was to finally be able to disseminate the theoretical and practical notions of viticulture and vinification through an institute assigned to it.
Those notions that for years had been imparted by the itinerant professorships in the squares, turning to the winegrowers of the Territory to assimilate the best techniques to obtain quality grapes, capable of becoming that sparkling wine today a great protagonist of world enology.

Establishing the Oenological School was a fundamental step for local development, and Carpenè Malvolti – whose link with the Territory represents one of the main assets of the Company – intended to celebrate it even on the occasion of an event held at the same Enological School last October 26th.
During the ceremony, which was introduced by the performance of the Enology Choir directed by Professor Renato Gava, the heirs of the two founders – Antonio Carpenè and Giovan Battista Cerletti – met to retrace, through a series of reports edited by the students of the School and moderated by Professor Giorgio Milani, the decisive stages of the birth and development of the same Enological School. From the historical context of the foundation, to the exchange of letters between Cerletti and Carpenè in the embryonic phase of the project, to the historical reconstruction of the life of the Institute, from 1876 to today.
The event then concluded with a visit to the Manzoni Museum and a convivial moment among all the participants in the Bottega del Vino.

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