Arredamont: when art and wood combine to become protagonists

Yesterday, the 44th edition of Arredamont, the national exhibition of mountain furnishing, was inaugurated with the classic ribbon-cutting ceremony. In attendance were Bruno and Ornella Murer. For them, “This year is a special year, because it is the centenary of the birth of our father, Augusto Murer, and I must say that thanks to the close collaboration with the Veneto Region, the Province and Municipality of Belluno, and the Longarone Trade Fair, we have managed to organise a great series of events, albeit amidst a thousand difficulties”. Accompanying them on the lap of honour was Silvia Cestaro, Councillor of the Veneto Region: ‘I must say that I feel at home. Walking around the stands you see craftsmanship, you see innovation, you see art. You see the great work of the craftsmen behind each of these stands. No matter what kind of work they do: from wood to textiles, from decoration to ceramics to the heating sector’.

This edition will be special in many respects. Not only because of the richness and variety of the stands from different countries, but also because the art of mountain furnishing goes hand in hand with the art of painting and plastic. From wood for furnishing, to wood as a material to be forged into a work of art. This edition of Arredamont was born under the passion of wood in its various forms. Arredamont is a constantly evolving site and welcomes proposals that come not only from the Dolomites and the mountains of Veneto. The experiences, traditions, and materials of all the regions of the Alpine arc are the elements on which the interest of a public that looks with attention to the furnishing and construction aspects as well as the outdoor spaces of the home is focused.
After the inauguration, the presentation ceremony. The host was the President of the Fair, Gian Angelo Bellati. “Arredamont is one of the most important fairs in our mountain fair. It is a small, but very important trade fair that once again this year presents a very rich offer: there are 167 companies, 224 brands represented that come from more than 10 Italian regions and more than 7 European and foreign countries. Once again this year, therefore, this is a very well attended fair. Finally it seems that we are out of what has been covid that has brought a huge problem to all trade fairs around the world. Because it was the sector most affected by the pandemic with drops in turnover of up to 100 per cent. So now we are starting up again, the prospects are very good, and this year too there will be many interesting initiatives, ranging from the great ability our world has to create wonderful products with craftsmanship, which almost resemble artistic products. So much so that we also have Arte in Fiera Dolomiti, so a great example of an event that also wants to promote the culture of the Belluno area’. For the president of the Province and mayor of Longarone Roberto Padrin, “I think that Arredamont has now become our workhorse and the most important fair in the panorama of Longarone fiere. This is thanks to the great work that Longarone fiere has done, but above all to our companies that still strongly believe in this opportunity to meet the general public. It is a big thank you that certainly goes to them, who are our strength, who over the years have continued to believe in Longarone Fiere and have also brought home significant results, and this is also testified to by the attendance at these editions. I truly hope that now the public will respond in a big way. It’s a trade fair that has become increasingly specialised over the years precisely by focusing on mountain furniture, which is a peculiarity of ours and which confirms Longarone’s role as a national mountain trade fair. We must reiterate this concept at an extremely important time when the mountains are suffering, but the mountains of Belluno are perhaps suffering less than others, and we must also be positive in this respect”.
Arredamont will be open from 29 October to 6 November from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., except on 2, 3 and 4 November with reduced opening hours from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. (info and details at Lastly, to understand how Arredamont and ‘its’ wood are linked to nature and the green deal: those who stop to recharge their cars at the new electric charging stations, installed on the road adjacent to the fair, will be entitled to two free entrance passes and will be able to visit Arredamont while waiting to fill up.

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