Athletics, Treviso hunting for glory in the Triveneto Provinces Trophy

On Sunday in Abano Terme, after four years of absence, the classic review for under 14 representations returns: 24 the summoned by the provincial technical director Sandro Delton

Treviso is looking for a starring role in the Trofeo delle Province Trivenete, the classic youth event that on Sunday 11 June will be held in Abano Terme, in the province of Padova, for the 2023 edition. The Trofeo delle Province Trivenete has been missing for four years, the last edition was held in Arzignano in 2019 and Treviso came second behind Vicenza. But the Marca selection has a long tradition of victories in the Trofeo delle Province Trivenete: the last one, in 2018, in Agordo. Twenty-four – 13 boys and 11 girls – were summoned by the provincial technical director Sandro Delton. On the track, on a programme of twenty competitions, the under-14 provincial representatives from all over Triveneto: as many as 13 selections, one per province.

The Treviso convocates. BOYS. 60: Alessandro Cal (Atl. Silca Conegliano). 1000: Marco Michielazzo (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano). 60 hurdles: Elia Pagliarin (G.A. Vedelago). High: Nicolò Vanzella (Atl. Stiore Treviso). Long: Luca Pellizzari (Atl. Montebelluna). Weight: Gabriele Dal Toè (Atl. Valdobbiadene). Vortex: Antonio Tonion (Atl. Stiore Treviso). Marcia (2000 m): Giacomo Fuson (Trevisatletica). 4×100: Michele Della Bella (Atl. Silca Conegliano), Cal, Giacomo Polesel (Atl. San Biagio), Alessandro Perin (G.A. Vedelago). 3×800: Luigi Caminotto (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano), Dal Toè, Edoardo Sanson (Atl. Ponzano). GIRLS. 60: Aurora Dal Zotto (Atl. Pederobba). 1000: Martina Bianchin (Atl. Ponzano). 60 hurdles: Teresa De Biasi (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano). High: Giulia Coden (Atl. Ponzano). Long: Lisa Favaro (G.A. Vedelago). Shot put: Livia Auditore (Trevisatletica). Vortex: Giorgia Vacilotto (Nuova Atl. Roncade). Marcia (2000 m): Aurora Oricchio (Vittorio Atletica). 4×100: Auditore, De Biasi, Dal Zotto, Eleonora Berto (Atl. Ponzano). 3×800: Marlene Bonora (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano), Emma Cazzaro (Trevistaletica), Vacilotto.

YOUNGSTERS ON THE TRACK – On Saturday 10 June, in Valdobbiadene, the spotlight was on ImpariAMO l’atletica. The event, combined with the Grotto Nadine Memorial, will be dedicated to relay races. Meeting at 4 p.m., the Esordienti 8-10 categories will take part. On Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 June, at the San Lazzaro field in Treviso, the provincial individual and club championships in multiple events are scheduled for the boys’ category. On the programme is a tetrathlon consisting of 60 hurdles, long distance, vortex and 600 metres. The boys will compete on Monday; the girls on Tuesday. The competitions for both days will start at 4.45 p.m.

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