ATL-Etico Volleyball is born in Conegliano, with ethics and inclusiveness in the foreground

The newly founded volleyball division of ATL-Etica San Vendemiano is ready to affiliate with Fipav: “In the foreground ethical values and inclusiveness”.

The watchword is: multidisciplinarity. ATL-Etica has demonstrated this by taking care of athletics and, at the same time, cultivating the practice of other sports disciplines: from artistic gymnastics to triathlon, from swimming to footbike.

The new challenge, for the San Vendemiano society, is called volleyball. ATL-Etica, in recent days, has in fact set up its volleyball division and is ready – as of 1 July – to become affiliated for the first time with Fipav, the Italian Volleyball Federation.

The newborn volleyball division will be called ATL-Etico Volley Conegliano and will have much in common with the athletics club founded five years ago on the initiative of Andrea De Lazzari, the club’s current sports director.

“In ATL-Etico Volley Conegliano the convictions and commitments of ATL-Etica will be transfused,” explains De Lazzari. “In addition, the newborn volleyball division will also give ample space to inclusive sport, and will support the inclusivity projects that ATL-Etica already carries out in all the realities and Territorial Technical Centres in which it is present. First of all, the ‘Footbike goes to school’ project launched by Fifb (the Italian Footbike Federation, ed.) and dedicated to autism. An initiative that will involve the Veneto Region with a view to dissemination in the school world’.

The municipal administration of Conegliano has already been informed of the birth of ATL-Etico Volley, and will be asked to make the Zoppas Arena available for training sessions and matches. ATL-Etica’s new volleyball division will have its operational and representative headquarters in Conegliano. It will therefore be, to all intents and purposes, a sports association of the city, ready to collaborate with the municipal administration for the needs related to the use of the Zoppas Arena.

“The birth of ATL-Etico Volley,’ continues De Lazzari, ‘is not independent of the events that have affected Team Conegliano Volley in recent weeks: we do not want to go into the reasons that led the latter club to announce the interruption of its activity, but there is certainly a gap in the Conegliano sports scene and we would like to fill it: we are ready to welcome girls who, after being released, would like to play with ATL-Etico Volley.

“ATL-Etica,” concludes De Lazzari, “also intends to carry out the activity by having girls and boys train together, according to Fipav rules, which allow precisely mixed training up to the age of 12. Even after that age, both women’s and men’s activities will be supported (and always in an inclusive manner), according to the philosophy that ATL-Etica has always adopted with regard to the discovery and support of talents: where talents are identified, they will be strongly supported by ATL-Etico Volleyball and helped to take flight towards higher horizons than the club can offer. To this end, ATL-Etica has always believed in collaboration and comparison between clubs, aimed at growth and offering opportunities to its athletes”.

A tangible sign of ATL-Etico’s propensity to collaborate with other clubs is the conclusion of the network contract with Assindustria Sport, which took place on 21 March 2023 and was sealed once again in front of regional councillor Cristiano Corazzari on 9 June in Padua, at the headquarters of Confindustria Veneto Est. The objective of ATL-Etico Volley Conegliano is to set up the mini volleyball teams (men’s, women’s and mixed), the under-12 (men’s, women’s and mixed), the under-13 (men’s and women’s), the under-14 (women’s) and the under-16 (women’s). But also to verify the possibility of creating a top-level women’s team.

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