August 15th: Veneto capital of colors with the Holi Festival

Holi-The most famous Festival of colors in Italy after the first stages of the Summer Tour 2023 (tens of thousands of attendance recorded), arrives in Veneto on the iconic beaches of the summer nightlife: August 12 in Caorle and August 13 in Jesolo. Ferragosto at the Festa grande Santa Viola in Grezzana, in the Veronese region. Organizers: “From the sea to the mountains, Holi brings joy and fun to the vacation season, many tourists from abroad for the events.”

Holi on tour is the festival of colors, a symbol of joy, love and genuine fun that in its eight years of existence has won over half a million people all over Italy, collecting sell-outs at every stop between beaches, parks and cities. And it is the only Holi to have entered movie theaters as the main character in the film “Forever Young” by director Fausto Brizzi. The Summer Tour 2023 baptized “Welcome to the land of colors” started off successfully, racking up one sold out after another, and now, more loaded than ever with music and fabulous rainbows, it is back on the road to reach the Veneto coast and land in Caorle and Jesolo, the beaches symbolic of the nightlife. And at mid-August instead there is fun in the cool of the mountains at the Festa grande Santa Viola di Grezzana, in the Verona area. Holi from the sea to the mountains pleases everyone.

This early season has already seen several tens of thousands of attendees at the first events, which are also attended by many tourists, particularly in holiday resorts.

On Saturday, August 12, at the Double Flavor Festival, Holi is staged in Caorle on Madonnina Beach, a historic stage that has always sold out since its inception. The organizers, Fabio Lazzari from Treviso and Marco Bari from Vicenza, say, “Holi on the beach has always been a breathtaking spectacle. You dance by the sea surrounded by a thousand colors of the rainbow. A unique emotion with high scenic impact suitable for everyone, young and old.” From 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., you will dance with your feet on the golden sand amid the notes of the musical selection of deejays Andrea Martini, Bruce Blayne and Edoardo Pontecorvi, alternating with the famous vocal countdowns to pace the launches of the colored powders.

And the next day, another exciting rainbow stage will color the Veneto coastline: on Sunday, August 13, everyone will be in Jesolo, another famous summer nightlife location. The appointment is on the beach at Piazza Brescia, from 3 p.m. until midnight the people of holi lovers will be able to experience the magic of the festival of colors amidst its notes of joy and lightheartedness for endless fun. Spectacular photos assured. The event is in collaboration with King’s Club, Lobby Agency and the City of Jesolo.

And then the “Welcome to the land of colors” Tour sets out again for the Verona area, to reach the Festa grande Santa Viola di Grezzana and thus celebrate mid-August by enjoying the coolness of the mountains among concerts, dancing and good food under a multicolored sky. This festival has been held for more than 40 years in Lessinia, and Holi fits perfectly into this context, because it shares its values; in addition to fun and entertainment, solidarity is the cornerstone of the Veronese festival.
For all info and updates on upcoming Summer Tour stages:, media partner Radio Piterpan.

The festival’s fame is now known to everyone, but few know where this format that inspired the two event managers, Fabio Lazzari from Treviso and Marco Bari from Vicenza, Italy, comes from. During the Indian festival called “Holi” entire peoples of villages in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan throw bags of colored powder and water balloons at each other to celebrate rebirth and love and the ultimate defeat of evil in favor of good. The occasion falls in spring and carries universal positive messages of friendship, brotherhood and love.

Lazzari and Bari: “The festival we have devised is a vehicle to convey the genuine values of this ancient occasion and, above all, to manifest the solidarity soul that underlies everything and for which we conceived the festival.” In fact, what distinguishes Holi the Festival of Colors from other formats that imitate it on the wave of the phenomenon’s virality is the solidarity purpose. Since the festival’s inception, Lazzari and Bari have been raising funds for the Forgotten Brothers Foundation, which helps hearing-impaired children in a village in India. The Forgotten Brothers Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Cittadella, in the Padovano region of Italy, that funds a project in Nandanagar, a village in northeast India where the Ferrando School was established in 2006, an institute that takes in hearing-impaired children with the goal of early intervention in the diagnosis and treatment of deafness through therapeutic paths.

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