Bardolino, an ancient village on Lake Garda today famous for its excellent wine

Bardolino’s fame is linked to the wine of the same name, the fruit of a fertile and generous land and its mild climate.

This charming town is located on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda. Its comb shape, with the typical architecture of fishing villages, reveals its past and the activities that characterized its economy before the advent of tourism.
The remains of the Scaliger walls with the massive towers, the traces of the ancient castle, the elegant palaces and the beautiful churches of San Severo and San Zeno, instead testify to the succession of emperors, monks and noble families.

A lively stroll along the lakefront and through the narrow streets of the center, punctuated by local and elegant shops, enlivens the summer of the splendid coastal resort, while olive trees, cypresses, oleanders and vines thrive favored by the mild climate, coloring the morainic hills.

Kingdom of water sports, mountain biking and triathlon, the Veronese town is also the ideal place for relaxing walks and adventurous excursions in the hilly hinterland.

Moving on to the pleasures of good food, Bardolino’s catering is supported by the traditional agricultural economy and its typical products can be savored in the refined restaurants at the port or in the welcoming country trattorias. The experience of taste and flavors becomes even more interesting along the Bardolino wine route: here the wineries open their doors with tastings and food and wine events. And wine is the absolute protagonist of the numerous events that enliven the town, such as the Bardolino Chiaretto Festival in May, the Grape and Bardolino DOC Festival in October and the Novello Wine Festival in November.


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