Cadore, a paradise for snowshoe lovers

For those who love hiking in nature, particularly in the winter season, the Cadore Dolomites offer evocative landscapes and a variety of possibilities to explore them. These include excursions with snowshoes on your feet (or snowshoes).

Back in fashion in recent years, almost all the mountain resorts in the Veneto offer fun walks with these ‘big feet’ now made of increasingly lightweight and resistant materials. A sport within everyone’s reach, even children, which allows you to enjoy extraordinary landscapes and discover unspoilt nature, far from the crowded downhill slopes, in an almost magical and unreal silence.

It is precisely to snowshoe enthusiasts that the second edition of the guidebook ‘Cadore Dolomites: kingdom of snowshoes’ is dedicated. As many as 32 itineraries are signposted with a wealth of information ranging from the degree of difficulty and type of route, refuge openings, catering and accommodation possibilities, and everything you need to face ‘the adventure’ in the safest way. The guidebook will be distributed in 40,000 copies and is also included in the magazine of CAI, the Italian Alpine Club.

Exciting sights await you, such as the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, the Cadini di Misurina, Popéra, Col Quaterna and Gridola, the Spalti di Toro and Marmarole, Antelao and Monte Rite, Pelmo and Croda Marcora. These are the Dolomites of the three Cadore valleys of Boite, Comelico and Centro Cadore. They are the Kingdom of the Ciaspe!


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