Carnevali di Marca: 29,000 people for the parades in Nervesa, Pieve di Soligo, Carbonera and Giavera

Great success for the second weekend of the traditional festival with allegorical floats

Carnevali di Marca continues to crowd the streets and squares of the province of Treviso for the traditional parades of allegorical floats. The association chaired by Redo Bezzo has estimated a total attendance of 29,000 for the four weekend events: four thousand people yesterday, Saturday 27 January, for the evening parade in Nervesa della Battaglia. Today, Sunday 28 January, on the other hand, an estimated ten thousand people in Pieve di Soligo and Carbonera – a stage of Carnevali di Marca that is growing rapidly – and five thousand in Giavera del Montello. The sunny Sunday and relatively mild temperature favoured the enthusiasm of many people who did not want to miss the appointment with Carnival. A moment of celebration and light-heartedness that everywhere involved young and old, in a blaze of masks, confetti and streamers.

In Nervesa della Battaglia, on Saturday 27 January, the parade of allegorical floats – organised by the Pro Loco in collaboration with Carnevali di Marca and with the patronage of the municipal administration – took place as per tradition at night: departure at 8 p.m. from the sports field in Via Zompini, then a parade along a route that had La Piave Square as its arrival point. The celebration in the square, however, had begun in the afternoon with a theatrical performance by ‘Senza Palco’ and a djset involving young and old. The parade was opened by the Town Band of the Municipality of Nervesa. This was followed by the group Le Sisters (“The 100 years of Walt Disney”), the Ragazzi degli anni ’50 Silea (“The sea and its treasures”), the dance school Energia in movimento (“The four elements”), the float of the Gruppo Parrocchiale di Nervesa della Battaglia (“The sea and the animal flood”), the Allegra Comitiva di Bidasio di Nervesa della Battaglia (“With the head in the clouds”), the Colombere Committee (“The enchantment of nature”), the APS Fuori Giri Losson di Meolo float (“Le Caravelle”), the Associazione “I Ragazzi degli anni 80” di Lovadina di Spresiano float (“Supermario”), the Fon Fierun Corbanese group (“La Tribù del Fon Fierun”), the Sempre Quei de Tezze group (“Cowboy”), the Pochi ma boni Trevignano float, the Pro Loco Sant’Angelo Circolo NOI San Trovaso float (“Pinocchio”), the Osteria n. 1000 of Jesolo, the Pieve di Soligo wagon group and the Giovani di Soligo group.

In the centre of Pieve di Soligo, this afternoon, another eagerly awaited stage of the Carnevali di Marca season, accompanied by the ‘voice’ of Federico Campodall’Orto. On the catwalk, the Bocca di Strada and Santa Maria parish group (“Disney 100+1”), the Pro Loco Fiume in Festa (“Mama Caca”), Sanvecarri (“The Adventures of Pinocchio”) the Scuola Enologica Cerletti (“We defeated the Covid by disinfecting outside, disinfecting inside”), the group Sempre Quei de Tezze (“Cowboy”), the float of the Gruppo Parrocchiale di Nervesa della Battaglia (“The sea and the animal flood”) the Gruppo Amici di Susegana (“Far West”), the Fon Fierun Corbanese group (“La Tribù del Fon Fierun”), the Gruppo Quei de Soligo (“Disneyland de Soligo”), the Festeggiamenti di Sernaglia della Battaglia association (“Oktoberfest”), the San Rocco di Gaiarine celebrations committee (“Ieri ed oggi Venezia”) and the Coriandolando per Pieve group (“The Flintstones”).

In Carbonera, again in the afternoon, there was a parade of allegorical floats starting from the ‘Tina Anselmi’ school car park and arriving in Piazza Fabbris, in front of the town hall. The great participation of the schools and the world of associations of the Municipality of Carbonera is worthy of note, so much so that no less than 23 groups and floats took part in the parade. The recently elected Municipal Council of Children voted Quei de Quarto (‘Go where the music takes you’) as the most beautiful float, and Volley Carbonera as the nicest group. Organised by Carnevali di Marca and accompanied by Silvia Sartorel’s commentary, the parade was opened by Jesolo’s renowned Onda Azzurra Majorette Group.

At Giavera del Montello, where the Pro Loco in collaboration with the municipal administration organised the traditional Mazariol Carnival, with speaker Claudia Vigato, ten masked floats paraded through the streets of the centre in the afternoon. On the catwalk were the Associazione Allegorica San Gaetano (“No vespa not’e party”), the Team Costruttori allo sbando (“Bevar d’atleti”), the Associazione Carro “I Ragazzi degli anni 80” di Lovadina di Spresiano (“Supermario”), the Associazione Energia in movimento (“I quattro elementi”), the Gruppo Amici di Ponte Crepaldo (“Musica maestro”), the Associazione Carnevale che passione (“Portami dove non serve sognare”), the SimpaBersa (“C’era una volta”), the Associazione culturale Amici di via Colombo (“Il coraggio di saper sognare”), the Comitato Carnevale Selva (“Amerigo Selvucci”) and the Comitato Colombere (“L’incanto della natura”).

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