Carnevali di Marca, the grand finale arrives in Zenson di Piave and Vittorio Veneto

The event promoted by the association chaired by Redo Bezzo concludes with the recovery of the last two parades: Saturday evening appointment in Zenson di Piave, Sunday catwalk in Vittorio Veneto where the festival will begin on Saturday with an event for families. On 16 March closing gala in San Vendemiano with the drawing of the charity lottery
Another weekend of fantasy and fun, thanks to Carnevali di Marca. The association chaired by Redo Bezzo proposes the last two events of Carnival 2024 with the recovery of the parades not carried out on 10 and 11 February due to bad weather. At the weekend, the events will take place in Zenson di Piave and Vittorio Veneto.

On Saturday 24 February, in Zenson di Piave, expectation for the third night parade (after Nervesa della Battaglia and Santa Lucia di Piave) of the 2024 edition of Carnevali di Marca. The illuminated floats will pass through the streets of the town starting at 8 pm, arriving in front of the town hall. A highly suggestive evening, accompanied by the voice of Silvia Sartorel. Nine floats and masked groups will take part in the parade. The parade will be opened by Jesolo’s Onda Azzurra Majorettes. They will be followed by the ‘Virgilio Marcon’ primary school from Zenson di Piave, the GDS Junior Giada Dance School (theme: “Notte in bianco”), Le Sisters (“I 100 anni di Walt Disney”), the association float I ragazzi del Basso Piave (“Il mito di Perseo”), the Eraclea Carnival group (“I Minions”), the La Gang di Ponte Crepaldo float (“La Giungla”), the San Giuseppe Youth float (“L’allegra fattoria”) and the Amici di Isiata association float (“Pierino contro tutti”). The evening ended, after the parade, with a wonderful magic show and entertainment for young and old.

In Vittorio Veneto, the last weekend of Carnevali di Marca will begin on the afternoon of Saturday 24 February, starting at 2.30 pm, with shows and games for families in Piazza del Popolo. The Barbamoccolo company will propose Candy Circus, a fun juggling and theatre show, while the great Orsa Ballerina will not fail to arouse the curiosity of the little ones. Make-up by Elena from Elly Animation is also planned. Then, on Sunday 25 February, the eagerly awaited parade through the streets of the centre, starting at 2.30 pm, with the accompaniment of the voices of Roberto Biz and Federico Campodall’Orto. As many as 16 floats and masked groups will take part in the parade. The parade – followed live by Tenda Tv – will be opened by the Parrocchia di Sarmede – Asd Time for Dancing (“Harry Potter”) group. This will be followed by the “Alessandro Manzoni” Primary School of Vittorio Veneto (“The Middle Ages”), the “W el paron dei peri” group from Casella d’Asolo (“Le Allegre Arlecchine”), the Allegra Comitiva di Bidasio di Nervesa della Battaglia (“Con la testa tra le nuvole”), the APS Fuori Giri di Losson di Meolo (“Le Caravelle”) float, the Cavolano Youth Group float (“I Faraonici”), the float of the Nervesa della Battaglia Parish Group (“The Sea and the Animal Flood”), the Santa Maria del Rovere Sports Club masks group (“Venetians Great Gentlemen”), the cultural group ‘Yo Soy Dominicano Aquí y Allá’ from the Dominican Republic, the group Amici di Levada (‘Barbie’), the group Quella Maledetta Banda (‘Banda Bassotti’), the group Coriandolando per Pieve (‘The Flintstones’) the group Dal Santo di Prata (‘Olandiamo’), the group Quei de Soligo (‘Disneyland de Soligo’), the group Fon Fierun Corbanese (‘La Tribù del Fon Fierun’) and the Comitato Colombere Cusignana (‘L’incanto della natura’).

The last act of the 2024 edition of Carnevali di Marca will be the Closing Gala, which on Saturday 16 March at the ‘Giovanni Paolo II’ Oratory in San Vendemiano will also host the drawing of tickets for the traditional charity Lottery. The Carnevali di Marca association is in fact not only masked floats, merriment and confetti. As every year, the Treviso Carnival events are in fact combined with the traditional charity lottery. During the parades it is possible to buy tickets at a cost of 2.50 euro, hoping for a lucky draw (the total jackpot is a good 25,000 euro), knowing that in any case, for every ticket sold, 10 cents will be donated to local associations involved in voluntary work and social activities. First prize, in collaboration with Sarlo Group, a splendid Peugeot 208 Active 5-door km0 worth 21,500 euro. And then another 30 prizes in the form of good shopping at Maxì Supermarkets and at Toffolatti Gioielli.

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