Carnival of Treviso, three days of celebration in the capital of the Marca trevigiana

After four years, the Mardi Gras parade returns to the historic center: 19 floats and groups parade from Piazzale Burchiellati to Piazza Duomo, with the Walls serving as a natural grandstand. Saturday and Sunday performances with street artists and stilt-walkers at the Loggia dei Cavalieri, Piazza dei Signori and Piazzetta Aldo Moro. This morning the official presentation at Palazzo Rinaldi. Mayor Conte: “A great end-of-pandemic celebration, I expect 100-120 thousand people.”

Treviso, Feb. 15, 2023 – The magic of the craziest and funniest party of the year is ready to color the last days of the Treviso Carnival, officially presented this morning at Palazzo Rinaldi in Treviso. Four years after the last time, the capital of the Marca is preparing to welcome the parade of floats that will return to cross the streets and squares of the historic center on Shrove Tuesday.

“Where were we? At the cancellation of the parade of floats, after a thousand hesitations, on the eve of Mardi Gras 2020,” comments Treviso Mayor Mario Conte. The hope is that this Carnival will be a celebration of the return to normalcy. It will be an opportunity to celebrate the end of three crazy years that we have left behind. May the masks return, not in front of the mouth but on the eyes. I got an idea: the Boob Fountain was made to close a period of famine. Here, let’s bring the Boob Fountain, revisited by our Alpini, at the head of the procession. They are willing, we will see if it can be done. The Treviso Carnival will be a great community celebration, and I want everyone to be involved in it: take a day off and come and cheer the floats. I expect 100-120 thousand people, the restart effect will be overpowering.”

The last Carnival parade had been staged in Treviso, with a large crowd, on March 5, 2019. A date now long gone, which explains the anticipation for the return of the paper mache giants to the heart of the city. The Carnival parade will involve a total of 19 floats and groups. Two floats made in the Treviso municipal area, that of the Pro Loco of Sant’Angelo and that of the San Giuseppe Youth Group, stand out. While the parade will be opened by the Treviso Folkloric Group with the traditional Carnival King.

The parade of floats will start from Piazzale Burchiellati at 2:30 pm. The Walls will form the long natural grandstand that will accompany the floats until they enter Borgo Cavour. From there, the procession will head down Via Canova, ending in Piazza Duomo after a journey of a couple of kilometers that promises to become a hymn to fantasy. A riot of music and masks, confetti and streamers.

The jury of quality, called to elect the best float, will have a first station along the walls, where the voice of the speaker will be that of Paolo Mutton. A second stage, in Piazza Duomo, with speaker Mattia Casarin, is instead intended to host the final awards ceremony.

The best float will be awarded a crystal trophy engraved by art master Marco Varisco, president of a quality jury that will be composed of directors, sculptors, and artists of various genres. It will be up to them to judge the choreography, the harmony of the group and the float in its workmanship.

Among the protagonists of Carnival 2023 will also be the guests of Israa facilities: in fact, thanks to the willingness of President Mauro Michelon and the operators, more than a hundred elderly people from the nursing homes will be able to enjoy the Carnival spectacle from a stage positioned in Piazzale Burchiellati.

If Mardi Gras is the final and most awaited moment of the Treviso Carnival, the festive atmosphere will invade the city as early as the weekend: on Saturday, February 18 and Sunday, February 19, a long series of events will in fact unfold in the historic center, between the Loggia dei Cavalieri, Piazza dei Signori and Piazzetta Aldo Moro.

The names of the attractions are already a program: the Tongo Show, the Aerial Dance, the Bebidens, the Candy Circus, the Stars of Sawdust, the Giant Dinosaurs with their own animator and many other surprises, street performers, stilt walkers and more. All, thanks to the involvement of the Barbamoccolo Theater Company and the Lex Serafo Company.

The parade of floats will be broadcast live on Antenna Tre. The Carnevali di Marca association, chaired by Redo Bezzo, has been working for some time with the collaboration of the municipal offices and the Treviso Local Police to create an event that promises excitement and fun for young and old alike. For Carnevali di Marca will also be the concluding moment of a 2023 edition that, through 21 parades in as many municipalities and seven events for families, will involve, overall, ninety floats and masked groups and 8,500 participants.

Large numbers for a unique event, as pointed out by the president of the Carnevali di Marca association, Redo Bezzo, accompanied by vice-president Nicola Arrigoni and board members Silvano De Ruos and Silvia Sartorel: “Carnival in Treviso is a great thrill: the parade of floats is finally back, after the static edition of 2022. We are proud that the municipal administration of Treviso has once again chosen Carnevali di Marca to organize the event. The association’s goal is the involvement of as many municipalities and citizens as possible, compatible with the short duration of the carnival period. The financial support of the municipalities, the sensitivity of the Veneto Region, the collaboration with the Pro Loco and the help of private sponsors have made it possible once again this year to create unprecedented shows full of ideas, with a large participation of groups, associations, schools and parishes.”

The festivities will not end with Mardi Gras, because also this year, in mid-Lent, there will be the last act of Carnevali di Marca with the Closing Gala, which on Saturday, March 25 at the “John Paul II” Oratory in San Vendemiano will also host the drawing of tickets for the traditional Charity Lottery. During the parades it is possible to buy raffle tickets at a cost of 2.50 euros, hoping for a lucky draw (the total jackpot is as much as 25 thousand euros, the first prize will be a New Opel Corsa 5-door km 0 provided by Sarlo Group) and knowing that in any case, for every ticket sold, 5 cents will be donated to three local associations engaged in social activities, reported by the municipalities involved in the event.

TRAFFIC – As for the Carnival weekend, Saturday, Feb. 18 and Sunday, Feb. 19, the following parking lots are recommended: Citadel of Institutions (1280 stalls, 10 minutes’ walk from the historic center), Via Lanceri di Novara (300 stalls, 5 minutes), Park Pattinodromo (380 stalls, 2 minutes), Lungo Mura Porta S. Tomaso (100 stalls, 2 minutes), Park Foro Boario (800 stalls, 8 minutes), Park Dal Negro (550 stalls 2 minutes), Station Overpass (60 stalls, 5 minutes), Station Metropark (400 stalls, 5 minutes) , Miani Park (400 stalls, 8 minutes), Appiani Condominium (100 stalls, 10 minutes). On Tuesday, Feb. 21, the day of the float parade, there will be some traffic changes. There will be no parking from 11 a.m. Feb. 21 until noon Feb. 22 on Burchiellati Avenue, Frà Giocondo Avenue and D’Alviano Avenue. No parking with forced removal is planned from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Feb. 21 on viale F.lli Cairoli (outside the wall section between San Tomaso and varco Manzoni), viale III Armata, Borgo Cavalli, piazza Matteotti, Borgo Mazzini, piazzale Burchiellati, via Mura San Teonisto, Borgo Cavour, via Caccianiga, via Canova, viale C. Battisti, Via Fabio Filzi, (stretch between Via Cesare Battisti and Via San Nicolò), Via Achille Papa, Via San Nicolo (stalls between Via Filzi and Via Battisti); from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Piazza Duomo (entire area) for stage set-up and on Via Castello d’Amore, in the park area in front of the senior center (entire area), the latter area for the amassing of the floats. The traffic ban will affect-from 1 p.m. and until needs cease- Borgo Cavalli, Piazza Matteotti, Borgo Mazzini, Piazzale and Viale Burchiellati, Viale Frà Giocondo, Viale D’Alviano, Borgo Cavour, Via Canova, Piazza Duomo, Viale C. Battisti and all streets afferent to the parade route.

All updates on the Carnevali di Marca parades are available at and on the association’s social channels.

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