Carpenè-Malvolti presents awards to the most virtuous students of the Cerletti Institute and the ITS Academy Foundation

On the same day, the five awards instituted to date by Carpenè-Malvolti to support not only scholastic and educational excellence but also art and culture were presented.

Carpenè-Malvolti celebrates the 120th anniversary of the institution of the “Antonio Carpenè Gold Medal” with an evocative ceremony in the Aula Magna of the CIRVE – Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Viticulture and Oenology of the University of Padua at the Viticultural and Oenological Campus of Conegliano – held this morning in the presence of the institutions and the winners of the two awards given by Carpenè-Malvolti to the most virtuous students of the Cerletti Institute and the ITS Academy Foundation: the “Antonio Carpenè Gold Medal” and the “Etilia Carpenè Larivera International Study Grant”. Two prestigious commendations desired by the family itself to further seal the historic relationship with the world of education and training in the territory, through the Oenological School of Conegliano that Antonio Carpenè founded in 1876.

“A tribute to the Founder and to the fundamental contribution he made to the Territory and to Prosecco, accompanied at the same time by a forward-looking vision of the future,” Rosanna Carpenè premised, “as he himself, a Man of Science and Conscience, has always done, investing in culture and the constant promotion of educational excellence among the new generations.

The recipient of the Antonio Carpenè Gold Medal – established one hundred and twenty years ago, in 1902, with the dual intent of handing down to posterity the Founder’s “memory and memoirs” as well as promoting educational excellence among the new Generations – was this year Andrea Davanzo, a student at the Conegliano Cerletti School of Viticulture and Oenology, who achieved in absolute terms all the parameters set out in the strict Statute. The motivation was: ‘Constant commitment, curiosity and outstanding qualities as a researcher’.

Making up the Commission that decreed the name of the winner were the Headmistress of the Cerletti Institute Mariagrazia Morgan, Vice-Principal Marina Di Fatta, Viticulture and Oenology Lecturer Sabino Gallicchio, Director of General Administrative Services Antonia Scuderi, Administrative Area Officer Luisa Corrocher and President of Carpenè-Malvolti Etile Carpenè.

“Although it was instituted in 1902,” explains Rosanna Carpenè, “the Antonio Carpenè Gold Medal has in fact only been awarded 64 times, both because of the severity of the awarding criteria that in some years did not lead to the identification of an example of absolute excellence, and because of the concomitance with the two world wars of the 20th century, and because of the change in the rules for carrying out the examination. Many historical medallists have been and still are established professionals, who have contributed in a decisive way to enhancing the national wine offering in the world’.

As per tradition, in fact, among those present at the ceremony to award the Antonio Carpenè Gold Medal – a precious effigy with a diameter of 32 mm and weighing about 23 grams of 750/1000 gold, specially minted – there was also a historic awardee. He is Sergio Casagrande, winner in 1957 but still active today as a consultant to various wineries as well as holding various elected positions.

In the same context, the “Etile Carpenè Larivera” International Scholarship was awarded to Nicola Brusatin, a recognition strongly desired by the fourth Generation Etile Carpenè to represent a link between the past and the future, which at the same time intends to encourage the new generations to study and pass on the oenological culture of the Territory also in an international context. The Scholarship, promotes and supports the most virtuous students of the Cerletti Institute and the ITS Academy Foundation of Conegliano, projecting them into an international perspective of activity, helping them build a high-level professional profile to face the job market and promoting a positive interaction between school and companies. Through the opportunity to undertake a study trip abroad, at a university and a company, with the aim of deepening their understanding of the economic and financial dynamics inherent to the agri-food sector and environmental sustainability as critical success factors in international markets.

Nicola Brusatin’s profile was identified by a Commission composed of the Head of School of the Cerletti Institute Mariagrazia Morgan, the academic and expert in the field of sustainability and the wine-growing sector Vasco Boatto, the expert from the world of work Valerio Nadal, the Lecturer in Viticulture and Oenology Sabino Gallicchio, the Delegate of the ITS Foundation Andrea Panziera and the President of Carpenè-Malvolti Etile Carpenè. The motivation is as follows: ‘Outstanding capacity and autonomy as a researcher. Attention and sensitivity to the importance of sustainability, not only environmental, economic and social’.

The ceremony, conducted by RAI journalist Camilla Nata, was attended, together with Rosanna Carpenè who presented the awards, by Fabio Chiesaco Mayor of Conegliano, Alberto Villanova Regional Councillor of the Veneto Region, Professor Vasco Boatto, and the Director of the ITS Foundation Damiana Tervilli, the delegate of the Association for the Heritage of the Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Federico Capraro, the General Manager of Condifesa TVB Filippo Codato, the Director of the Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Viticulture and Oenology at the University of Padua Andrea Curioni and the President of the Union of Former Students Enzo Michelet.

The event concluded with the presentation of the five awards that Carpenè-Malvolti established in 2022 to support not only scholastic and academic excellence, but also art and culture. Five awards symbolically interpreted there as the five Olympic rings, representing the five winners. Together with the new award winners Andrea Davanzo and Nicola Brusatin, the Aula Magna of the CIRVE was attended by Andrea Barone, winner of the ‘Carpenè-Malvolti’ Degree Award established in collaboration with the Unione Imprese Centenarie and Procida Città Italiana della Cultura 2022; Antony Migué, winner of the “Giorgio Lombardi” Scholarship instituted in collaboration with ITHQ Montréal and Ville Niemi, winner of the Carpenè-Malvolti Script Contest in the context of the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival 2022, was also present.

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