Christmas with PONTE1948: the Special Edition ‘25.12’ is here

“25.12” the truly “good” Special Edition of Ponte1948.

The most suggestive moment of the year is about to arrive, inviting you to share with your loved ones precious and unforgettable moments, but also the pleasures of the table, savouring refined hors d’oeuvres, tasty first courses and delicious meats, the best fish and exquisite desserts, in a rediscovered pleasure of being together. Queens of the party will be, as always, the bubbles, but which ones to choose? For next Christmas, Ponte1948 presents “25.12” the limited edition bottle with a good soul.

As good as the Prosecco Doc Biologico, which respects nature and protects biodiversity, as good as the generous format, 1.5-litre Magnum, which invites aggregation and sharing, as good as the “testimonial”, Father Christmas, in green according to tradition, capable of bringing a smile to even the most frowning face. His glittering red nose is a tribute to the clown doctors of the Compagnia dell’Arpa a Dieci Corde, which for twenty years has been giving thrills and good cheer in hospitals to those most in need, to whom a substantial part of the proceeds will be donated.

For those who wish to experiment with different pairings, Ponte1948 suggests: Pinot Grigio delle Venezie Doc, a classic of the eve ideal as an aperitif, Prosecco Doc Rosé, superb with sushi, sashimi, vegetables and light risottos of the Mediterranean tradition, Prosecco Doc Millesimato, sublime with shellfish, crustaceans and perfect throughout the meal.

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