Col Sandago chose the stage of Vinitaly for the debut of the Limited Edition “Easy Art”

The days of the Vinitaly 2024 event marked the debut of Col Sandago’s “Martino Zanetti Art Collection.”
From the design of the bottle, which already promises to be a new style icon, to the exclusivity of the new wine, everything in this Limited speaks of luxury and art.

Welcoming the absolute novelty Col Sandago on the Veronese stage was a stand with a dual personality: the minimalist white flanked by colorful brushstrokes and the illustration of the green hill with the “white houses” symbol of Col Sandago turned out to be a combination capable of revealing character and peculiarities of the winery’s new wine.

The common thread between art and wine is Martino Zanetti’s artistic expression: playful elegance expressed on the Art Collection bottle, as on a white sheet of paper in a harmonious whole, with uniqueness, authenticity and colorful lightness.
The edition for spring – summer bears the name Easy Art: freshness and dynamism drive the color choice and the naturalness of the colored strokes, which seem random but actually create harmonious palettes, with the alternation of full and empty spaces, lines that ideally connect reality and feelings.

Inspiration for Col Sandago are the hills of Susegana whose territorial expression is mostly dedicated to the production of Glera-based wines but which, in this wine, is also represented by other grape varieties. Precisely for this reason, “Martino Zanetti Art Collection” encompasses wisdom and research in a Spumante that is the result of a selection of the best grapes from Col Sandago, of splendid drinkability and inimitable style. Brilliant with fine and persistent mousse emission, with a pleasant and typically fruity bouquet, it is accompanied by a smooth and harmonious taste that makes it excellent as an aperitif and throughout the meal.
The “Martino Zanetti Art Collection” project includes a second limited edition dedicated to the autumn – winter period. “Martino Zanetti Art Collection” by Col Sandago: wine and art, works whose dual soul releases exceptional sensory experiences, which are expressed with freshness, dynamism and style.

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