COL SANDAGO – The WineHunter Award 2023 honours Wildbacher

Announced the publication of The WineHunter Award guide, a collection of the prestigious tasting work of the eight tasting commissions under the leadership of Helmuth Köcher – The WineHunter.
Approximately 8,000 wines were tasted in the tasting sessions in which the different aspects and characteristics of each wine were assessed to arrive at the awarding of the prestigious prizes.
Col Sandago for the 2023 edition competed with some of its best wines, but it was the uniqueness of Wildbacher that won the favour of the judges.
A uniqueness that Luigi Veronelli had already pointed out: “The Wildbacher vine is one of those few, very few, born in foreign lands that has found a place, so elective – Col Sandago – that it cannot leave it…”.

Wildbacher Metodo Classico Extra Brut 2018, a fascinating and persistent expression of the grape variety, received the Gold Award. Red Award respectively for Wildbacher Colli Trevigiani IGT 2018, Col Sandago’s iconic red wine, with its limited and precious production and evolutionary potential, and for Wildbacher Brut Rosé, the refined Charmat Method sparkling wine with aromatic baggage of wild strawberry and rose.

Wildbacher ‘rare and multifaceted diamond’ is a vine from Styria that was saved from oblivion thanks to the intuition and determination of Martino Zanetti. In the hands of expert agronomists, the proud and rather stubborn vine grows like a great little masterpiece, the rows are scrupulously planned, and the harvesting of the small bunches with compact and not very pulpy grapes is done strictly by hand. At Col Sandago, Wildbacher is declined in three variants with exceptional characteristics that will also be protagonists at the Merano Wine Festival from 4 to 6 November.
The WineHunter Award 2023 once again confirms the greatness and uniqueness of these bottled masterpieces, with their fascinating and bewitching history, which have found a new contemporaneity at Col Sandago.

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