Curtain opens on Theresianer Brewery Bar Padova, in the heart of Conegliano

“I have loved Theresianer ever since the first beers we produced.

I chose my favourite beers, from the great Central European tradition, and instructed my experts to interpret them to the best of their ability. And we will continue in this way, including many other beer styles, to continue offering Italians all the creativity of the best master brewers.”

Martino Zanetti

On Friday 26 May, the curtain opened on Birreria Theresianer Bar Padova in Conegliano, a stage dedicated to the award-winning excellence of Italy’s smallest brewery.

With a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the presence of the authorities, the new venue will open its splendid garden to the townspeople: a place that naturally welcomes them, inviting them to relax and conviviality, an open-air lounge where they will find hospitality that makes professionalism and quality its points of excellence.

The Theresianer Bar Padova can count on an original concept, a tale of continuity with the environment of the adjacent Cafeteria, the artistic expression of Martino Zanetti, President of the Hausbrandt Group: a dialogue between indoor and outdoor, where bright spaces are accompanied by the linearity of forms and play on the colours yellow, white and black, the colour palette that identifies the new route and the new Theresianer logo.

In this ambience dominated by essentiality and elegance, the sensory journey winds its way through all Theresianer beer styles in bottle and on tap: from the low fermentation beers Lager, Gluten Free, Premium Pils, Vienna and Bock, to the high fermentation beers WIT, IPA, Pale Ale and Strong Ale, and the unfiltered and original ZEROCINQUANTA.

The richness of the offer is completed with a refined food proposal: typical local products, accurate selections of cold cuts, dishes and appetisers to accompany the tasting, at aperitif time or a tasty dinner under the stars.

With its evening opening, Birreria Theresianer Bar Padova is a meeting point at the end of the day where, in addition to the beers – whose palmares include important awards won in the most important international competitions – all of the Group’s products can be enjoyed: Hausbrandt Arabica coffee blends, Col Sandago wines and Martin Orsyn champagne.

The story of the Theresianer universe, where taste and quality give life to distinctive beers that are the result of expertise and the skilful use of raw materials, now has a new home in the centre of Conegliano, to welcome enthusiasts and bear witness to the indissoluble bond with the territory.

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