Duerocche 2023 reaches its 52nd edition with a new trail

The eagerly awaited event in the hills between Cornuda and Asolo launches an unprecedented 35 km course with 1800 metres of positive altitude difference, in addition to the traditional distances of 6 to 51 km. Races concentrated on Tuesday 25 April. Almost six thousand bibs available. Registration open

Cornuda (Treviso), 7 February 2023 – Registration has been open since 15 January. And so the countdown towards a new edition of the Duerocche has begun, which this year blows out 52 candles, confirming itself as one of the longest running races in Italy.
There are essentially two novelties. The first: the event, unlike in recent years, will be held on a single day. All races will thus be concentrated in the morning and early afternoon of Tuesday 25 April. The second: a 35 km route with 1800 metres of positive altitude difference will be introduced in addition to the races over the traditional distances.
“We have introduced the 35 km race with the aim of attracting to the start those athletes who are used to competing over intermediate distances,” explains the president of the Duerocche Committee, Manuel Menegon, accompanied by vice-president Roberto Tronchin, secretary Andrea De Bortoli, and councillors Alberto Garbujo, Daniel Menegon, and Alessandro Mion. “In their case, 22 km risked being too little and 51 too much. The route is the same as the 51 km, only shorter. We think this is a nice novelty, capable of involving a large number of athletes’.
On 25 April, the Treviso hills between Asolo and Cornuda will thus host six different trials. In addition to the new 35 km race, trail enthusiasts will be able to choose from three competitive trials: the 51 km, with 2,660 metres of positive altitude difference, and the 22 km, with 960 metres of positive altitude difference. Also planned are the two classic cross-country routes of 6 and 12 km, open to all, and the 15 km trial with a positive height difference of 680 metres, which will take place along the route of the historic Duerocche, from Asolo to Cornuda.
It will be, as usual, a great spectacle, amidst breathtaking panoramas and evocative historical views, in which many of the best Italian specialists in running in natural environments will participate. Start and finish are confirmed in Via della Pace in Cornuda.
Once again this year, the six trials as a whole will have a limited number of participants: 300 in the 51 kilometre race, 400 in the 35 kilometre race, 600 in the 22 kilometre race, 400 in the Duerocche Storica, and 4,200 in the two races open to all. The total number of participants could thus reach 5,900.
The registration fee, for the first time, will be somewhat customisable: to the basic fee the athlete can in fact add the official t-shirt (or sweatshirt in the case of participants in the 51 km) and a voucher to attend the Pasta Party. All information on how to register can be found at www.duerocche.com.
It will be a total immersion in the nature and landscapes of the Asolo hills: the Duerocche is preparing for another memorable edition.

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