DueRocche 25 April, a running spectacle in the Asolo hills

Over three thousand registered participants for the running event in the natural environment that tomorrow will take place over six different routes: from 6 to 51 km. For participants in the longest trial, the passage to the top of the monumental Rocca di Asolo is confirmed. The historic Duerocche is sold out, while tomorrow, until shortly before the start, it will still be possible to register for the two non-competitive trials

Cornuda (Treviso), 24 April 2023 – The Duerocche, the classic race in natural surroundings that tomorrow, Tuesday 25 April, will blow out 52 candles, confirming itself as one of the longest running events in Italy.

On the hills between Cornuda and Asolo, in the province of Treviso, there will be six races scheduled. The first to start, at 7 a.m., will be the Scarpa Ultratrail 51K, the queen race, 51 km with 2,640 metres of altitude difference. At 7.30 a.m. it will be the turn of the Alpik Storica 15K, the 15 km trial, with an elevation gain of 720 metres, which will take place on the more classic route, from Asolo to Cornuda, for which registration is already sold out. The brand new Pharmasport Trail 35K, 35 km with 1800 metres of positive height difference, will start at 8.30 a.m., presenting itself as the great novelty of the 2023 edition. Half an hour later, at 9 a.m., space will be given to the 22K Passsport Trail, 22 kilometres with 960 metres of positive height difference. And finally, at 9.30 a.m., the two classic trails open to everyone, the Banca delle Terre Venete Cross Country 6K (6 km with 110 metres of positive height difference) and the Round Cross Country 12K (12 km with 490 metres of positive height difference). Start and finish are confirmed in Via della Pace in Cornuda.

Chapter top runners. In the Scarpa Ultratrail 51K will be at the start the expert Ivan Geronazzo from Treviso, fourth in 2022 after his victory in 2019. Also announced are Mattia Gemin, silver medalist last year in the same race, and Mattia Agugiaro, another Duerocche podium regular. While in the women’s event, the athlete to beat will be Alessandra Olivi. In the unprecedented Pharmasport Trail 35K, a battle is expected between Luca Fabris from Treviso, Francesco Lorenzi, and Tiziano Scatolin. Elena Gallina from Treviso, silver medallist in the 51 km in 2022, and Nicol Guidolin, who achieved the same placing in the 22 km last year, will be the athletes to beat in the women’s event. In the 22 km, finally, the spotlight will be on Hannes Perkmann, one of the aces of the SCARPA Team, and on Gabriele Guerri (2nd in 2022), Daniele Meneghel, the Slovenian Zan Zepic and Asolo’s Roberto Fregona (3rd last year), son of the great Lucio, this time expected at the start of the 12 km.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 25 April, until shortly before the start, it will be possible to register only for the two non-competitive races (6 and 12 km): the number of registered participants, currently over three thousand, will thus undergo a strong increase thanks to the passion of those who will take part in the Duerocche without a competitive spirit, but above all to enjoy breathtaking views and evocative historical glimpses. The Scarpa Ultratrail 51K will also include the passage on top of the monumental Rocca di Asolo, a particularly exciting moment, already reproposed in 2022 after an absence that, between the restoration works of the monument and the pandemic, lasted since 2016. For safety reasons, above the Rocca, it will be compulsory to walk, under penalty of disqualification. Athletes will thus have a few extra moments to enjoy the panorama that can be admired from the symbol par excellence of the city of Asolo. Further information is available at www.duerocche.com.

SCARPA AND THE LIFE-Re-shoes PROJECT – SCARPA, a leading Italian company in the production of footwear for mountaineering and outdoor activities, has chosen the Duerocche to kick off the LIFE-Re-shoes project at an international level, an initiative with which the Asolo-based brand intends to provide an alternative, circular and sustainable solution for the “end-of-life” management of shoes. In the days immediately preceding the competition, starting from 22nd April, a corner will be set up at the Duerocche race office in which to deposit one’s own pair of used shoes of the Mojito model by SCARPA, while on 25th April the same space will be present at the company’s stand. The footwear collected will enter a virtuous recycling system in the following months and will lead to the creation of a new generation of high quality recycled products, through an innovative procedure that represents a completely new paradigm for the footwear industry.

BANCA DELLE TERRE VENETE – Supporting the Cross Country 6K is Banca delle Terre Venete, the credit institute part of the Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group that has always recognised the centrality of the individual, respect for the environment, the enhancement of young people and the promotion of local development as its fundamental values. Hence the commitment to allocate a portion of profits to local communities every year, thus supporting numerous social, welfare, cultural and sports activities, as in the case of the Duerocche. This is not only one of the longest-running running events in Italy, but also an opportunity to promote the culture of wellness, health and conviviality, all while discovering some of the most evocative landscapes in the Veneto region. Through this and other initiatives, Banca delle Terre Venete strongly expresses its social responsibility towards the community.

The Duerocche was founded in 1972 on the initiative of a group of running enthusiasts. Now in its 52nd edition, it is one of the longest running events in Italy. The name derives from the places of departure and arrival that characterised the original route: the monumental Rocca di Asolo and the Santuario della Madonna della Rocca di Cornuda. We are in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana and the Duerocche combines at best the characteristics of a unique territory: the splendid natural views and the traditions of a land where important pages of Italian history have been written. In the most recent seasons, before the health emergency that also determined the cancellation of the 2020 edition, the Duerocche has experienced a progressive growth in attendance, going from 1,700 participants in 2006 to 6,400 in 2018, an absolute record of participation. More than 50,000 athletes have taken part in the Duerocche from 2006 to date, testifying to an event that is now a must for many fans from all over northern Italy and beyond.

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