European Day of Artisan Ice Cream, Longarone Fiere and Mig in the forefront

Previews of the Day at St. Gregory’s Fair in Valdobbiadene with Prosecco ice cream.

Artisanal ice cream gets sparkling and gets the party going. Yesterday (Sunday, March 12) in Valdobbiadene, at the ancient San Gregorio fair, the Prosecco flavor was presented, in honor of the Unesco Heritage Hills. It is a tasty preview – it really has to be said – of the European Day of Artisanal Gelato, which will be celebrated on Friday, March 24.

Established by the European Parliament in the summer of 2012, with a document interpreting the main trends in consumption and food choices, the European Day dedicated to artisanal gelato is a time to celebrate one of the most important symbols of Made in Italy and a gastronomic excellence of the Bel Paese. But it is also an opportunity to protect a product – the artisanal one – that is worth almost €1 billion a year, the result of work and passion, but also raw materials of absolute quality and know-how that is handed down from generation to generation.

Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, which had conceived the ice cream protection day at Mig 2008, has already begun the countdown to the March 24 celebration. And yesterday it launched in Valdobbiadene the Prosecco flavor, made using Italy’s most famous sparkling Docg. Great public appreciation for the Prosecco Superiore ice cream prepared by Marco Reato of Gelateria Gimmy and Bruno Da Dalt of Gelato Boutique.

Not only that, in the coming days – and on the occasion of the opening of Agrimont, the mountain agriculture fair staged as early as next weekend – the “Apfelstrudel” ice cream, the official Artglace flavor of Gelato Day 2023 and proposed by Agia – Association of Italian Gelato Makers in Austria – will also be promoted.

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