Giusti Wine for the protection of bees

Giusti Wine for the protection of bees

From the APInVIGNA Project, which started from the beehives of the “Rive degli Angeli” managed by Giusti Wine since last year, the “AGREEMENT FOR THE MONTELLO” was born to make the Treviso hills an oasis for bees during the flowering period of the acacias

Allowing bees to enjoy the uncontaminated flowering of acacias, through careful choices in the vineyard: this is the “Agreement for Montello”, the first step in enhancing the beekeeping potential of the Treviso hills. The Agreement is based on the studies of the APInVIGNA Project, a field trial coordinated by Confagricoltura Treviso and launched in 2019 in the vineyards of the Rive degli Angeli estate owned by the 5 Municipalities of the Bosco Montello Consortium and managed by Giusti Wine. In the hives between the rows of Rive degli Angeli, adjacent to the Maria Vittoria estate, the interactions between bees and the surrounding environment were monitored, with the aim of finding solutions to improve coexistence between beekeeping and agriculture – with particular regard to viticulture – and ensure balance.

The Montello area, in fact, attracts billions of bees every year, which gather the pollen of flowering acacias. In addition to being the cornerstone of beekeeping (the production potential of the area is estimated to be around 5,000 quintals of honey per year, but the phytoiatric management of specialized crops makes real production much lower), bees play an indispensable role in maintaining biodiversity. and for the very survival of man; their preservation and repopulation is therefore of vital importance.

«As an entrepreneur – confirms Ermenegildo Giusti – I have always considered balance to be important, even when the culture of sustainability was not as widespread as it is today. Safeguarding natural processes is an essential commitment in the pursuit of quality ».

Commitment that Giusti Wine has been carrying out since its foundation, through continuous support for research and experimentation of virtuous alternatives and practices, including the use of resistant hybrid vines (the PiWi varieties), integrated pest management through sexual confusion, weeding mechanics and the enhancement of native varieties such as Recantina.

Confagricoltura Treviso, Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana, FAI – Italian Beekeepers Federation, UNA-API, Consorzio Asolo Prosecco, signed the Agreement for Montello and committed themselves, with Giusti Wine, to the repopulation of these extraordinary insects in the Montello area. Montello Wines Consortium, Montello Wood Consortium, Montelliana Winery, Francesco Bortot Beekeeping, ExtendaVitis and ProgettoNatura.

In addition to making a personal commitment, the signatories of the Agreement also launch an appeal to all agricultural producers in Montello, inviting them to participate in the initiative and thus contribute to the goal of making agriculture in the area more sustainable.

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