Grazing, post-Vaia forest reconstruction and beekeeping: second weekend of Agrimont ready to go

Focus on Veneto Agricoltura’s forest gardens with Life Vaia and animal husbandry

Vaia is still in the memories of everyone in Belluno and clearly visible in the effects caused on the forest heritage. It will also be the focus of the second weekend of Agrimont, March 24-26, at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti. In fact, a conference on the Life Project “Vaia,” an innovative approach to restoring forest habitats devastated by disastrous events such as the storm at the end of October 2018, is scheduled. It will be Veneto Agricoltura that will illustrate the project of small biodiversity gardens that accompany the renewal and planting of a new forest cover, enhancing wild herbs and fruits while waiting for the reconstruction of the forest. The conference is scheduled for Saturday, March 25 (starting at 11:30 a.m.), in the fair’s meeting area.
Agrimont will reopen on Friday afternoon (March 24) with the assembly of agronomists and foresters and an event dedicated to the European Artisanal Ice Cream Days. Then, Saturday morning space for higher education, with a conference on sustainable grazing techniques, before a focus on Vaia.

In the afternoon, grafting and pruning demonstration. And conference on Veneto’s sheep biodiversity: Brogna, Foza, Lamon and Alpagota are the featured breeds. The peculiarities of these native sheep and the territory that hosts them will be told. In addition, there will be an opportunity to share the results achieved by the Sheep Up project, funded by the Veneto Rural Development Plan, to improve the competitiveness of the farms involved.
On Sunday, however, beekeeping will take center stage, with a meeting entitled “Bees, nectar and pollination: what scenarios in a changing climate.” Agrimont will also see the presentation and donation to the Province of the book “Anno 2000 il Giubileo: viaggio a cavallo da Canale d’Agordo a Roma,” edited by Italo D’Incà.

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