Great expectation in Longarone for the 26th Reptiles Day

For the president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati “it is shaping up to be a very successful event. Businesses and visitors want to be reborn, after a period of closures and constraints, hopefully ended forever “.

“In the first place the philosophy of the zoo: educate, conserve, protect”, so the organizer Gabor Dalmati.

The balance sheet of Caccia Pesca Natura in Fiera in Longarone closed, marking a further success. To prove this for the president of Longarone Fiere, Gian Angelo Bellati, “the presence of more than 100 companies that came from at least 10 Italian regions and more than 10 countries in the world, in particular from Europe. This fair also stood out for having almost reached the visitors of 2019. And taking into account all the period we have passed, this is also a great result, a good omen for the near future. We have the reptile fair, Reptiles Day on May 28th and 29th. And this too is shaping up to be a very successful appointment. Businesses and visitors want to be reborn, after a period of closures and constraints, hopefully ended forever “.

On the last day of hunting and fishing we also met two historical figures of Reptiles Day, Davide Fain and Herman Schiavon at the fair. We took the opportunity to let us tell the story of this incredible fair. “Reptiles Day started 22 years ago. From our idea, then young people with a great desire to do and create. From a situation born in Treviso as an enoerpetological meeting at a village tavern. We had the need among enthusiasts to find each other, exchange information, obviously there was no Internet and what there was, very poor. There was therefore no better solution than to be among enthusiasts and exchange ideas, to create a market, to gather those few enthusiasts in Italy. Over the years these few enthusiasts have grown in number and have also grown in experience, so much so that they no longer fit inside a restaurant “. Hence the step towards Longarone Fiere “which we thank, because she has always been present believing in us for the past 22 years, believing in the ups and downs, in the bad and in the good, it must be said. And we have also brought Italy to have an event at European levels of which we are very proud, because since the first year with about 80 beer tables of 2.20 m we have reached peaks of almost 600 tables “.

Gabor Dalmati is also connected from Hungary who, in harmony with the two friends, expressed the need for a radical change for these types of fairs, and Reptiles Day will begin immediately: “Instead of trade we should put philosophy first of the zoo: educate, preserve, protect. This should be what we convey. Not against sales, because whoever owns an animal, keeps it, reproduces it and both learns something and protects the species. However, we must overcome the commercial aspect, which is equally important, but select much more exhibitors. And to make visitors understand that participating in the fair also means listening, advice and seminars, bringing the children to show a different world ”. “After Reptiles Day – underlines Bellati – other very important events await us, starting from September where the second weekend we will have Fiera delle Foreste, Festival delle Foreste, BosterNordEst and Arte in Fiera Dolomiti. Four very important chapters of the activities of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti that will live together because they are complementary to each other. We think of BosterNordEst, these companies that have huge machinery to build new roads in the mountains, for cutting trees, for large jobs that will operate outside the fairground to show their potential, it is compatible with Fiera delle Foreste, but also with Festival dele Foreste. Arte in Fiera also fits together well, because Arte in Fiera means using wood, for example sculptures, but many other works of art that are typical of this well-established appointment for many years “.

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