Hausbrandt and Bruno Vanzan: new coffee cocktails for summer 2024

Hausbrandt, with its world of taste made of passion, research and innovation, confirms the connection
with Bruno Vanzan, a leading figure in international bartending. Two recipes specifically
designed for the top Hausbrandt blends mark the start of summer 2024, the first of a long series
dedicated to the mixology that will accompany the hot season.

For the “BIO EXPRESS” creation, the ORGANIC coffee blend, 100% Arabica, was selected –
with a sweet aroma and intense aftertaste, it presents itself on the palate with a pleasant, balanced acidity
with notes of fresh fruit and a particular hint of almond, also present on the nose.
Freedom in the choice of the blend instead in the creation “ESPRESSO MARTINI with PopCorn”: all
the Hausbrandt coffee blends, thanks to the flexibility in combining them with other ingredients of the
recipe, they will be able to give the distinctive character to this cocktail created by Bruno Vanzan for


4cl Jamaican Rum
1.5cl Coffee liqueur
0.5cl Hazelnut Syrup
3cl Hausbrandt organic espresso coffee

Technique: Shake & Strain
Glass: Cup
Garnish: Yellow Beehive

To prepare the garnish, take a bowl and put:
210g of water
27g of 00 flour
63g of sunflower oil
Yellow dye to taste
Mix the ingredients well until you obtain a batter that you will brush into
special molds and bake for 50 minutes at a temperature of around 180° (depends on the type of
oven), after which let everything cool and store.
To prepare the drink we would need a shaker, a strainer and a strainer. Insert
all the ingredients into the shaker, fill it with ice and shake well for about 10/15 minutes
seconds. Finally, filter all the contents into a very cold cup and place
delicately place our yellow beehive over the drink which will be ready to be served.


5cl Vodka
2cl Coffee liqueur
1 Hausbrandt espresso coffee
1cl of Popcorn syrup

Technique: Shake & Strain
Glass: Cup
Garnish: PopCorn Skewer

To begin preparing the cocktail, let’s first start by creating the syrup
Popcorn. Take a saucepan with 200ml of water inside, bring to the boil and add to the
about 200g of PopCorn inside and leave to infuse until the latter dissolve, to
then go and add the sugar to create the syrup. Once the sugar has dissolved
inside our mixture, filter everything with a paper filter and bottle our syrup
by PopCorn. To prepare the drink we need a shaker, a strainer and a
jigger. Take the shaker and pour all the ingredients into it, shake well for about 10/15 minutes
seconds, then filter everything into a (very cold) cup and garnish with one
PopCorn skewer. Our drink is ready for service.

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