Inaugurated the 42. Agrimont, mountain agriculture on show at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti

Sustainability, identity, heroism. But also protection of the territory. These are the fundamental characteristics of mountain agriculture, which will be on show at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti this and next weekend. The 42nd officially opened today. Agrimont, in the sign of a sector – the primary one – that today more than ever is all about innovation. And that at high altitude represents an exceptional garrison of the ‘highlands’, sometimes made up of heroism, an indispensable ally against inclination and fragility. “In Veneto, we have counted about 11,000 landslides, almost all in areas where the land is not cared for and where farmers and breeders do not work,” emphasised regional councillor Gianpaolo Bottacin at the inauguration. ‘This is precisely why mountain agriculture must be put in a position to work. Simplification and bureaucratisation are needed,’ he said.

“Agrimont is the fair for agriculture not only in the mountains, but on slopes,” said Michele Dal Farra, president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “It is the emblem of what we want to build in this exhibition space, events anchored to the reality of the Veneto region, but also a showcase for innovation and products, and training. This edition of Agrimont offers some twenty events, specialised conferences that update the primary sector, and other moments of in-depth analysis. The first ones were already staged before the inauguration, with a conference on the Psr Montagna (Mountain Psr), organised by the agricultural trade associations. Others will be offered during the five days of Agrimont (18-19 and 24-25-26 March).

“We must work to serve the interests of the country, on issues such as agriculture and agribusiness we have never been divided. And Agrimont represents just such a great opportunity to work as a team,’ were the words of Senator Luca De Carlo, chairman of the Senate Committee on Industry, Commerce, Tourism, Agriculture and Agri-Food Production. ‘The Belluno context is one of border agriculture, where farmers preserve the land. Ours is to all intents and purposes a presidium of that form of sustainable agriculture that Europe would like to impose on us. It is so in the scarce use of pesticides, in the extensive farming of alpine pastures, in quality and organic products. It is up to us to valorise these excellences. Cricket flour? Leave it to those who have been using it for millennia, we defend our culture, which has just as much history and just as much tradition’.

De Carlo also spoke about the legislative process for the protection of artisan gelato, another product of excellence in the Belluno food industry, which will be celebrated at Agrimont next Friday, on European Artisan Gelato Day. “I have taken over the specifications,” said Senator De Carlo, “and we will try to give this province another excellence, through the centrality of an extraordinary product like artisan gelato.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was also attended by MEP Gian Antonio Da Re, regional councillors Silvia Cestaro and Tommaso Razzolini, as well as numerous mayors and administrators from Belluno and Treviso, Agrimont concretely displayed the area’s products of excellence and even had them tasted, in refreshments organised by Confcooperative Belluno Treviso, which offered a cheese tasting. In the afternoon, space was given to spontaneous and officinal herbs with Veneto Agricoltura.

“Agrimont is making a comeback after the years of closure imposed by Covid,” said the mayor of Longarone and president of the Province of Belluno, Roberto Padrin. “It does so thanks to the tenacity of farmers and breeders, who represent one of the souls and engines of the mountains.”

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