Lake Mis, a wild place of incredible beauty

“There are valleys here that I have never seen anywhere else (…). The Valle del Mis, for example, with its side valleys that penetrate into a tangle of wild, gloryless mountains”.

So wrote Dino Buzzati of this strip of land not far from Belluno.

And it is in this same valley that another jewel is hidden, the small artificial lake of Mis, with its clear, cool waters where the peaks of the Dolomite giants, declared World Heritage by Unesco, are reflected.

This is the ideal destination for lovers of nature and tranquillity. In fact, the Valle del Mis has been decreed a protected area and has a small number of accommodation facilities. Nevertheless, just a few kilometres away there are hotels, agritourisms, bed and breakfasts and rooms to let that know how to welcome tourists in a family atmosphere.

The lake is also popular for the classic Sunday outing and along its shores you will find a well-equipped picnic area.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy many water-related activities such as canoeing and, of course, sport fishing. Fascinating hiking routes offer the opportunity to discover the wonders of the surrounding area. It is possible to walk along the nature trail in Val Falcina, or to go as far as the Cadini del Brenton, splendid gorges with green waters, or to the Soffia waterfall, a grotto where the water creeps in to create singular sprays of air and foam that ensure refreshing moments during hot summer days. The scenic road along the lake provides a breathtaking view of the Monti del Sole.


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