Lazise, history and enchantment of one of the oldest Italian municipalities

Lazise is a prestigious resort town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda and is characterized by a fascinating history that has its origins in distant eras. This is evidenced by its name-derived from the Latin “Iacus,” meaning lake village-and the remains of a large Neolithic pile dwelling village found in the hamlet of Pacengo. Dominated by the striking Rocca Scaligera, Lazise is entirely surrounded by a ring of turreted walls that enclose the historic center, now filled with elegant restaurants and craft stores. Medieval alleyways intersect it, while an elegant piazza opens onto the ancient harbor and promenade leading to the beaches.

Rocca Scaligera

Right on the small port stands the famous Dogana Veneta, a building dating back to the rule of the Serenissima, which kept a small fleet of boats here to control traffic. A past evidenced by some shipwrecks lying on the bottom of the lake in the very area facing the harbor. Of considerable artistic interest is the small church of San Nicolò, inside which splendid 14th-century frescoes can be admired, while outside a shrine displays a very old Madonna from the 13th century.

An important tourist center on the Riviera degli Ulivi, Lazise has comfortable hotels and well-equipped camping sites and is a favorite destination for tourists. To the delight of young and old alike, the amusement parks located a few kilometers from the resort are absolutely not to be missed: the Caneva Resort and the world-famous Gardaland. The tourist offer is complemented by sports and leisure facilities, important events and the excellent cuisine based on the excellent local products, such as oil, wine and lake fish.



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