Le Manzane (TV), Solidarity Harvest on 10/09 for the children of Unico1

As of today, “aspiring grape pickers” can register for the charity grape harvest festival scheduled for Sunday 10 September from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

San Pietro di Feletto, 3 August 2023. Bookings are now open for the 12th edition of the “Vendemmia Solidale – Festa e Beneficenza nella Terra del Prosecco Superiore” (Solidarity Grape Harvest – Feast and Charity in the Land of Prosecco Superiore) scheduled for Sunday, 10 September 2023, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., among the rows of Glera grapes at the Le Manzane estate in S. Pietro di Feletto (Treviso). Aspiring grape-pickers” can already register today for the charity grape-picking day by sending an email to info@lemanzane.it or via the winery’s Facebook page. The proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organisation Unico1 to help sick children regain the will to dream.

Since 2012, the Balbinot family has been organising the Vendemmia Solidale (Solidarity Harvest) in the beautiful scenery of the Prosecco Superiore Hills, from 2019 a Unesco World Heritage Site. “We got to know Diego Murari and his non-profit organisation Unico1 thanks to Kristian Ghedina,” explain Ernesto Balbinot and his wife Silvana Ceschin, “and we were immediately impressed by the project and the activities he is carrying out. We are happy to be able to contribute to a good cause again this year’. Hundreds of people take part in the event every year. In the previous 11 editions, almost 120,000 euros were raised, mainly to help research and people in need.

The non-profit organisation Unico 1 was founded in 2007 in Romano d’Ezzelino (Vicenza) by former footballer Diego Murari to help those who, like him, fight against uncommon diseases every day. The association was founded with the fundamental support of some famous sportsmen. Unico1 schedules meetings with sick children to help them regain the will to smile, the strength to react and the hope to recover. “Some time ago,’ says Diego Murari, ‘a doctor told me I would not make it to Christmas. Instead I am still here. And, if God helps me, tomorrow I will celebrate another wonderful day of the year together with my parents and all the people who are helping me in my daily struggle to regain my future. Yes, because, as Gianni Morandi sings, ‘one in a thousand makes it, but how hard the climb is!'”.

The event will begin with the grape harvest, and will continue with visits to the winery, live Italian music by the Magirus Band and Alberto Ceschin, some moments of entertainment for children, a green test drive by Manzotti Automobili, an aperitif with Prosecco Superiore Docg Le Manzane, the products of the Fratelli Brunello Distillery, also the protagonists of a gin and tonic competition, and the delicious fish ‘cicchetti’ (snacks) by Ca’ del Poggio. This will be followed by a raffle with a prize draw. The morning will end with a tasty snack in ‘caneva’.

The hashtag for following the event and giving it visibility on social media is #vendemmiasolidale.

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