Le Manzane winery presents solidarity prosecco for autism

Le Manzane winery presents solidarity prosecco for autism
By purchasing a bottle of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg, you will contribute to the purchase of the HugBike, the embracing bikes of the Oltre il Labirinto Foundation.

Solidarity in a sip of wine. On Friday 16 December at the Le Manzane winery in San Pietro di Feletto (TV), the new Conegliano Valdobbiadene Docg Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry is uncorked in a Christmas version with an ad hoc strip dedicated to the Oltre il Labirinto Onlus Foundation for autism. Appointment at 6.30 pm for a toast in the name of good to do good. A cheese tasting will accompany the precious bubbles. The charity initiative will have a double social value: whoever wants to can buy the “solidarity” prosecco by contributing to the purchase of the HugBike, the two embraces. The bottles have also been embellished with a Braille label for the blind.

From the harvest to the glass. Every late summer, the Le Manzane winery renews its appointment with solidarity by organizing a day of grape harvesting for charity. A great feast of the heart that this year took place on Sunday 11 September and brought over 450 people between the rows of Glera of the San Pietro di Feletto farm, amidst the scent of must, live music and street games. The fifth edition of the solidarity harvest was attended, as guests of honor, by the former gymnast Igor Cassina, gold medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics, and the world figure skating champion, Silvia Marangoni. In all, 104 quintals and 60 kilograms of Glera grapes were collected. The harvested grapes were vinified and sparkled separately and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the Prosecco Superiore bottles obtained, about 9,300 bottles, will be donated to the Oltre il Labirinto Onlus Foundation along with the entire proceeds of the day. Resources that will be used for the purchase of HugBikes, the first bicisolidals that are guided with a hug, to be allocated to children with autism.

«Ours is just a small gesture – declared Ernesto Balbinot, owner of the Le Manzane winery – which I hope will help to give a smile to those less fortunate than us. I thank all the sponsors who have been collaborating on this initiative for five years; without them the solidarity harvest could not have been organized ».

«Getting to know the Balbinot family – explained Mario Paganessi, director and founder of Oltre il Labirinto – was for us a moment of personal enrichment not only because the winery has contributed, with fundraising, to improve the lives of children with autism, but also for giving the children the opportunity to experience a peaceful and carefree day by participating in the manual grape harvest. The bottles of prosecco, fruit of the solidarity harvest, were then placed, with other local products, in the Christmas baskets prepared during our workshops ».

The wine is marketed by the Le Manzane farm for Christmas 2016, in a limited edition, in the 0.75 liter format and can also be purchased in the cellar in the PaperCigno wine shop, on order by calling 0438 486606 or by writing to info@lemanzane.it . Reservations are recommended. Shipping is also provided for a minimum of 6 bottles.

The hashtag to give it visibility on social networks is #lavendemmiadegliabbracci.

The partners and sponsors who shared the beneficial objectives of the 2016 solidarity harvest are: Arti Grafiche Conegliano, Banca Prealpi, Dersut Caffe ‘, Dolomiti.it The most beautiful mountains in the world for the press office, Photo Francesco Galifi, Icas for the wire-hoods, Ideeuropee Communication in action, Polisportiva Valcervano, Ristorante Relais Ca ‘del Poggio, Rotas for labels, S’Paul n’ Co. Design for graphics, Vetreria Etrusca and Zeta Group for video. The initiative is sponsored by the Veneto Region, the Province of Treviso and the Municipalities of San Pietro di Feletto, Conegliano and Valdobbiadene with the support of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Wine Protection Consortium and the XI di “Marca” social promotion association. The event is also accredited among the events of the European City of Wine 2016.

Beyond the Labyrinth Foundation

He was born in 2009 in Treviso at the behest of some parents with children with autism. The main purpose of the Foundation is to protect the rights and dignity of people with mental or physical disabilities – in particular those affected by pervasive developmental disorder and / or autism – by offering them assistance and support, targeted therapies and educational and training courses. adequate. Oltre il Labirinto Foundation operates in agreement and synergy with other organizations – public and private, Italian and foreign – and is one of the four Italian representatives of Autism-Europe, the largest association

international which has the main objective of promoting the rights of people with autism and their families and improving their quality of life.


What is autism

Autism is a complex syndrome that alters an individual’s language skills, their ability to communicate, understand social events and participate in normal life experiences. According to the most updated estimates, it affects about 3.3 million people in Europe with a male prevalence (3-4 males affected for 1 female). The most serious problem is that, in the absence of an adequate system of support and help from institutions and society, over 80% of autistic people do not develop sufficient socio-relational skills to make them autonomous and will therefore always need their own family members and a facilitated life context. Scientific studies have shown that timely diagnosis and early intervention lead children with autism to significant improvements and better levels of functioning as adults. If placed in a stable and organized life context, affectionate and tolerant, but at the same time stimulating, the autistic subject reacts positively and becomes capable of a growth path that, in many cases, leads him to higher levels of autonomy and independence.

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