Le Manzane winery presents the new Pinot Grigio and the restyling of still wines

Le Manzane winery presents the new Pinot Grigio and the restyling of still wines

Renewed graphics for six historical references of the Balbinot family, owner of the estate in the heart of the Prosecco Superiore Hills, which invests in restarting under the motto “To Be Happy”

The Le Manzane winery changes the face of its labels and puts its face, indeed the faces of Ernesto, Silvana, Marco and Anna. The Balbinot family, owner of the San Pietro di Feletto estate in the heart of the Prosecco Superiore hills, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, renews the look of still wines, in particular the native ones, and presents a new reference: a Pinot Grigio delicately macerated on the skins, elegant and refined, but at the same time versatile and modern.

There is a desire to restart the Le Manzane company which invests in a new restyling project for six of its wines: Verdiso, Manzoni Bianco, Prosecco Tranquillo, Kaberlò, Cabernet and Pinot Grigio, the latest arrival, but also the first to “Wear” the new graphic design.

And it is the color that distinguishes the new Pinot Grigio: coppery reflections that are reflected in the glass and that already portend the style. “This shade is due to the choice of lightly macerating the skins – explains the owner Ernesto Balbinot – and aims to enhance the characteristics of the grape, its aromatic complexity and consequently also its original color”. The nose recalls the aromas of wisteria, jasmine and yellow pulp fruit. Slightly vanilla. Pleasantly mineral, it envelops the palate in a soft embrace; its medium alcohol content makes it versatile in combinations with first courses and dishes based on fish and vegetables.

Pinot Grigio is making its debut on the market these days, while for the other references the bottling will be staggered and in any case, after the summer period, they will all be available.

The Le Manzane winery thus intends to enhance not only bubbles, but also still wines in their most authentic territorial expression. “We will certainly follow the main road of Prosecco Superiore and the other sparkling wines, but let’s not forget the beautiful paths that can be traveled with still wines, in particular with native wines such as Manzoni Bianco and Verdiso, as well as the still version of Prosecco, or the one without the bubbles which represents the most traditional declination of Glera », says Balbinot.

The bottle chosen is a Bordeaux bottle revised in size, height and width, and in the shape, made more elegant. “For graphics – adds Balbinot – we immediately thought of something modern and after one or two tests the light bulb in our faces turned on”. The labels of the bottles, in fact, have the stylized faces of Ernesto, Silvana, Marco and Anna.

Ernesto is an oenologist and has always lived among the vineyards, learning a lot from his father Osvaldo. Supervisor of the company, he personally follows the sales force. Silvana, Ernesto’s wife, has passionately embraced the world of wine, becoming a company reference point for the administrative office. The new generation of Le Manzane is made up of the children Marco and Anna. Marco, a winemaker, follows all the stages of winemaking and the wine shop, but is often abroad to promote the wines from the cellar. Anna, after having studied marketing for the food & wine sector, today deals with corporate communication: PR, product promotion, social networks, online and offline communication channels, photography.

«For us the value of the family is fundamental – concludes Balbinot – and for this very reason we have decided to create a graphic that represents our faces in a nice and smiling way, also because it is in our DNA; in fact the company claim is “To Be Happy” ».


Le Manzane winery is located in San Pietro di Feletto, halfway between the Dolomites and Venice, in the hilly area of the province of Treviso, in the heart of the Prosecco Superiore Hills, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7 July 2019. The family-run company has been strongly rooted in the Treviso area as a producer for almost 40 years. The winery, one of the most dynamic and interesting in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene wine scene, distributes both in Italy and abroad, reaching 34 countries.

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