Lido of Venice: the beach that hosted nobles and rulings from all over Europe

The numbered huts that characterize the bathing establishments of this Venetian island have hosted kings, artists, celebrities, giving it a particular charm. Today anyone can enjoy a peaceful stay at the Lido of Venice, the famous resort that hosts the International Film Festival every September.

The fame of the golden beach that stretches for twelve kilometers has its roots in the decades of the Belle Epoque. After the birth of the first bathhouse, the island became the holiday resort of nobles and rulers from all over Europe, actors and actresses, great magnates of industry and world finance, fueling a myth that still today gives it a unique atmosphere. A fascinating past that has bequeathed to the island a vocation for a tourism with a reserved and elegant character and which manifests itself through beautiful Art Nouveau villas and villas.

The Lido also reserves other surprises such as the ancient monastery of San Nicolò, the historic and monumental heart of the island and the village of Malamocco, a small Venice with streets, squares, and houses leaning against each other. Do not miss the amazement of the landscapes including the protected WWF oasis of the dunes of the Alberoni – with its wealth of animal and plant species – and of course the Lagoon with its suggestive scenery. The summer holiday at the Lido also means sport and fun, with facilities dedicated to numerous disciplines including the renowned golf course at Alberoni, one of the most beautiful and ancient in Italy.


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