Longarone Fiere Dolomites “capital” of tourism: from October 2 to 4, HoReCa returns

Meetings between industry professionals, with show cooking and in-depth discussions

Tourism is now a stable component of Italy’s GDP, indeed, growing steadily. And the vacation sector, in the mountains, can count on two seasons, winter and summer. Add to that the fact that in just over two years the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics will be celebrated, and there you have the ingredients for Horeca.

The third edition of the hospitality and catering fair will be at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti from October 2 to 4, reserved for the professional public operating mainly in mountain and hillside areas, and for all activities in the tourism and agri-tourism sector. With meeting moments, technical insights, cooking, sommelier and mixology master classes.

“Dolomiti Horeca is one of the steps towards the 2026 Olympics, in a path that sees the hospitality and catering sector in the foreground, right after sports,” stresses Longarone Fiere Dolomiti president Michele Dal Farra. “We want to enhance all the excellence of the area, trying to give concrete tools to those working in the sector to arrive ready for the great event of the Games and to “govern” the long Olympic wave. The deepest sense that animated the construction of this event is to help raise the quality of the tourism sector and capitalize on the best opportunities that the Dolomites – Prosecco Hills – Venice system can offer.”

The calendar of initiatives at Dolomiti Horeca 2023 is significant, with a rich panel of proposals that visitors will find at the fair. There are show cooking events that will allow visiting operators to see many professionals and colleagues at work, discover and taste gastronomic excellence that the area offers. In addition, you can sign up for master classes on cocktails and spritzes or knife cutting and sharpening workshops.

All info, exhibitor catalog and updated program at: www.longaronefiere.it/expo-dolomiti-horeca.

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