Longarone Fiere Dolomiti presents the 2022 calendar

It starts in February with Virtual Re-Building under the aegis of the European Commission of Local Event to return in April in the classic formula. In March with Agrimont the first fair in presence in Longarone. President Bellati: “with us all the trade associations and all the most important production realities”.

After the festivities, Longarone Fiere Dolomiti starts again at full speed. President Gian Angelo Bellati already presents the roadmap for a 2022 from which everyone expects a lot. One of the economic sectors most negatively affected by covid19 was certainly the trade fair sector. Not only in Italy but all over the world. Yet, despite this dramatic situation, the small but particular mountain fair, Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, managed to react to the situation. In fact, before unveiling the new program it is advisable to make an excursus of the context in which it is inserted.

The most difficult year was 2020, because there was the first wave with the shock of the pandemic. However, it was possible to organize in September both Reptiles Day and the Fair & Festival of the Forests, a very important international event. And in October Dolomiti Show dedicated to tourism. Then unfortunately there was another sudden block with the second wave, with the cancellation of Arredamont and MIG. Last year 2021, the very difficult phase of spring, which, however, did not catch us unprepared. Thanks to the virtual fair system that was acquired very quickly, developed mainly in-house, and therefore very operational, the Longarone fair managed to organize Agrimont and Re-Costruire in virtual form with considerable success and above all with high-level interventions. depth and authority.

But already in July, as soon as the reopening of the fairs was authorized by the government, it began again with Reptiles Day. Then in mid-September the Forest Fair & Festival in Cansiglio. A difficult transfer, made possible by the will and collaboration of an important partner such as Veneto Agriculture and the Autonomous Region of FVG. In conjunction also BosterNordEst with the great means of forest mechanization. With a huge success with the public, almost 6000 people. Following the Dolomiti Show and then a great success with Arredamont. Finally, despite the further wave of covid there was MIG 2021, the only fair dedicated exclusively to ice cream organized in presence. Bellati underlines how “it took a lot of courage to make this transition, but it was possible to count on a cohesive Board of Directors, in addition to the support of all the Shareholders, convinced that this step should be done, that it was necessary to demonstrate that despite the pandemic it was possible to live again and live with the virus, organizing events in the presence “.

After this great effort and resistance opposed to this situation of great difficulty, Longarone Fiere Dolomiti has brought its budgets to balance, thanks to a lot of State aid, but also to very important European projects. Complex projects such as Life Vaia concerning the environment and forests, or the project for tourism and digitization, to help tourism companies react to this situation, Digitour, both financed by the European Union.

“We are now in 2022 – continues Bellati – with a more established situation, there are vaccines, people and businesses are calmer, because I am not saying there is a habit but there is a capacity to live better together. So this year is the roadmap. Soon in February we will have Virtual, B2B Re-Building. Among other things, it is carried out under the aegis of the European Commission because it is recognized as a Local Event. Therefore with an international visibility thanks to the diffusion through its communication channels. We will bring together companies in the reconstruction and restoration sector, where Italy is at the forefront in the world, to discuss together, for example, state aid in favor of real estate renovations, but also in a broader sense of restoration which is a delicate issue. and very important. We do not want new overbuilding, but we want the restoration, for example, of existing hotels and hotels. Immediately after, on 19-20 and 25-26-27 March, there will be Agrimont, the mountain agriculture and animal husbandry fair. Two years that was no longer in attendance, but we have with us all the trade associations, members of our Longarone Fair, all the most important production companies, not only in Belluno, which are determined precisely to make it become the great fair again. which has always been. Then 8-9-10 April the return of Re-Costruire, but in the presence and a new opportunity to meet. On April 23-24-25 we will instead have Caccia, Pesca e Natura, a particular edition also with the Veneto Region which wanted to make a great promotion of this fair but above all of sport fishing with a whole activity on social media and on the media very interesting. And May 28-29, we will have Reptiles Day, a small but very international day that with great courage will once again challenge the difficulties of connection with abroad, sometimes also present within the European Union. Woman Art Expo returns from July to October as part of Art at the Dolomiti Fair, scheduled for September, and dedicated above all to female art. It will be traveling in a fairly long period with a series of programs that will be detailed in the coming weeks. On 9-10-11 September, this time not on the Cansiglio but in Longarone, the Fiera & Festival delle Foreste will take place together with BosterNordEst. It will be the fourth edition and a major international fair with the presence of the European Union and other international organizations. Then on October 10-11-12 concurrently we will have both Dolomiti Show and Expo Dolomiti HoReCa which had a great success in 2019, and we will try to repeat it in 2022 “. Certainly of interest for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, touching on the crucial issues of agri-food. The combination of these two events, already widely presented in November during Arredamont 2021 together with an extraordinary partnership network, will certainly play a fundamental role in preparing the territory for the great event of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

After, therefore, these 10 great trade fairs we come to the end of the last two great events that represent a piece of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti history. The first is the 44th edition of Arredamont, from 29 October to 6 November. One of the most important events in our mountains and which perfectly represents the uniqueness of this exhibition center. Finally, it ends with a flourish. From 27 to 30 November it will be the turn of the 62nd International Artisan Gelato Exhibition. “This is a fair of tradition, not just of business. A fair of the culture of the mountains of Veneto, of all those workers who have temporarily left the valleys of these beautiful mountains to go to work abroad, not only in a particularly hospitable country like Germany, but in countries around the world. world. And there they managed to work, to make a fortune, to make a family, to create beautiful companies in the sector and, then finding themselves back home in December, here they had the opportunity to build this fair which is also a fair of feelings. And this is why the International Gelato Exhibition stands up to so much competition. Because it is also a fair of the heart, sentiment and tradition of a people. This is why we strongly believe in this fair and as the members say, in particular the public members, including the Municipality where the fair is located: the city of ice cream must remain the city of Longarone “.

See you then at the fair for an intense 2022 that “will mark the total restart of the activities and will demonstrate how this fair, despite the covid, has managed not only to survive but to live well, to bring balance sheets, but above all to make a contribution concrete to the Belluno area: every euro invested by the fair generates at least 10 euros in more wealth in the area. Fairs bring development, growth, culture and tradition ”.

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