Longarone Fiere: presented a European Ice-Cream Itinerary project

This was announced at Enaip, at the Masterclass with Andrea Voltolina, the President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati: “An ice cream itinerary that from Georgia, passing through the Balkan area, Veneto and then going to Austria and Germany, reaches as far as Spain “.

The ENAIPLab MasterClass dedicated to ice cream was held on Tuesday 3 May in Longarone with Andrea Voltolina, consultant and former Pastry World Champion in the 2006 championships held in Luxembourg. The central theme is the production of ice cream, an authentic iconic product of the territory worldwide, and how to ensure the reduction of waste, energy saving and sustainability of the entire process. But also innovation and contemporary trends for a healthy and quality product ready for consumption. All with the collaboration of the Italian Federation of Chefs, the Chefs Union of Veneto, the Chefs Association of Belluno and the LIFE-FOSTER project.

The President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati, was also invited to speak. He took the opportunity to announce the latest major project dedicated to artisanal ice cream that is being worked on at the fair. “Enaip in Longarone: a very important structure that has been built over the years – declares Bellati – a great pride for the Belluno area and for Longarone to have such an important training structure. Because training is needed, obviously in the food sector, in the sector in particular that is of great interest to the Longarone Fair: the ice cream sector. Today, ice cream plays a bit of the role of the owner in this important meeting on the theme of training new generation, young people, and we want to contribute. Longarone Fiere Dolomiti represents the territory, the institutions, but also wants to represent the companies in the sector. So the ice cream makers, the companies connected and connected with the ice cream sector, but also with the pastry sector, the chefs, in short, all those who deal with food and its transformation. So with the Longarone Fair we actively participate, we are close to Enaip, and we make ourselves available, also with our skills in European planning. We had the opportunity just today to present a new project, which we count is financed by the European institutions. An Ice Cream Itinerary that from Georgia, passing through the Balkans area, Veneto and then going to Austria and Germany, reaches Spain. A great itinerary, also supported by the Council of Europe, already associated partner, as well as by various associations of ice cream makers, primarily Unitesi e.V., and which has the particular aim of making people understand the importance of training. On the other hand, the culture of ice cream, and therefore also the museums that recall the history of ice cream, how it was born, immigration and emigration, for example in the case of our region, Veneto, Northern Italy. -East. But also the possibility of learning more about what artisan ice cream is compared to industrial ice cream. All ice creams of great quality, but with differences that must be highlighted. Also because an itinerary means using products at km0, the closest ingredients and therefore enhancing the culture of the places where the itinerary passes. Our commitment with Enaip continues as the Longarone Fair, with all our members, from the Province to the Municipality of Longarone, the Trade Associations, but also with the companies that always attend our important fair. What we remember is the oldest ice cream fair. The International Gelato Exhibition is 62 years old. We will have the 62nd edition at the end of November, therefore a very important fair, the oldest fair in the world in the ice cream sector ”.

Protagonists of the day, Andrea Voltolina and the students of Enaip di Longarone, and the dozens of Enaip Centers scattered throughout the Veneto and Northern Italy, connected in live streaming. Voltolina motivates his presence: “I’m here in Longarone to bring my experience to the world of pastry but also to the ice cream parlor. I deal with two issues that I think are very important. One with regards to ice creams that can be alternative, therefore also for intolerant people, who have products that are not very well known for the moment such as erythritol, a sugar, or coconut butter. The other very important issue: how to produce by creating a margin, that is, trying to work bringing profit to your company. I believe it is very important to let young people know what the realities and the problems that exist within the laboratories are. Having basic knowledge that can allow children to become entrepreneurs tomorrow and also be able to manage their business independently, with a good profit. Many times, even through towards social networks, quite misleading messages are given. Beautiful, captivating things are produced, but the predominant factor is always the time factor. It is the one that has the greatest impact in the laboratories from a cost point of view. So I want to teach kids how to be concrete too, trying to make things that are always very good from a qualitative point of view, using noble raw materials, but also fast and easy to feasibility. I think it is something that must be taken into consideration by all entrepreneurs, but also by schools, to try to give adequate training and make known what are really the problems within the laboratories or places where these products They are sold. We must focus on these guys, because they will be the ones who will give the extra fuel to be able to face the future in a different way, with more sprint and more performance ”.

To speak for the Province of Belluno, Vice President Lucia Da Rold: “I took part with pleasure in this masterclass just to savor and to be close to everything that professional schools represent for the province of Belluno. Just in these days I have begun to make the rounds of all the higher institutes of the province, to get to know all the specificities of all the institutes. And I believe that this is what we must focus on as a province, to enhance what high schools can bring, representing a flagship of every single piece of our province. An example of this is Enaip’s professional course, dedicated to ice cream, which certainly represents us not only in the province of Belluno, but also throughout Italy and the world “.

Enaip Veneto’s communications manager, Sandro Dal Piano, does not hide the enthusiasm and satisfaction: “With this MasterClass organized here in the center of Spar, we wanted to pay attention to our students, not only from the local branch but also from other locations that are connected online, a product that is excellence and is iconic compared to Longarone but also as an Italian product abroad, and that of ice cream. We invited Andrea Voltolina who is giving a testimony of his experience. Already a world champion in pastry and a profound connoisseur of ice cream, he is bringing his testimony and professional experience to our young people, so that they grow from the point of view of skills and also professionally can then enter the world of work. These master classes, which we have begun to carry out for some time, are organized together with the Italian Federation of Chefs and bring to the centers advanced professional skills and testimonies of professionals useful not only to make young people grow from the point of view of skills but bringing them knowledge that would otherwise not normally be available at our offices. We invite the institutional representatives, in this case for example, the presence of the president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati, was very important for us, who brought the experience of the MIG, International Gelato Exhibition, precisely as a moment of meeting between world of vocational training and business world. Our young people, after their professional qualification, enter local businesses and will in turn become the entrepreneurs of the future. It is through this alliance between the territory, and the enhancement of local products, businesses and the world of education that the masterclasses have their function. We have planned other of these meetings in the future and we do not exclude repeating them also on other sectors here in Longarone in the same way, among other things, also giving the possibility to other offices scattered throughout the territory, I remember that Enaip Veneto has eighteen, but also extending it to the Enaip Net network which brings together 80 offices throughout Northern Italy ”.

Important international collaborations for these master classes. To remember him the high trainer and national communication manager of the Italian Federation of Chefs, Stefano Pepe: “It started with Enaip Veneto, of which I was a teacher, a collaboration for courses and activities that gradually took hold and developed in other ways. We hypothesized workshops, training courses, meetings with young people, because the FIC believes in young people and above all it believes in school. Approaching the school is very important, because it represents the future of the category. It is no coincidence that currently, after two years of pandemic, we have a search for 250 thousand places in the restaurant sector, which are missing. The kids are drifting away, and not just the kids, but people of a certain age as well. Because this sector involves problems that the FIC tries to take on, and to cope with, with proposals to the government and and institutional bodies.”

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