Longarone Fiere: presented the 26. Reptiles Day

“After the success, because we can say this aloud, of Agrimont and Caccia Pesca Natura, which restarted the Longarone Fiere business, now see you to present one of the events that is now entering history. Born in 2001, Reptiles Day was born a little quietly and then gradually became the second most important event in Europe as an exchange of reptiles, amphibians, insects and much more “. With these words the President of the Province of Belluno, Roberto Padrin at Palazzo Piloni opened today the press conference. Enthusiasm also on the part of the President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati: “We are at the 26th edition and I notice that Longarone Fiere always launches important ideas in the exhibition field, which then become a must at a national and sometimes international level. Therefore a laboratory of ideas, but also of great experience. And I think it is this great experience that can get the Reptiles Day off to a great start, with important news for the years to come. It follows, as President Padrin said, two other fairs that marked the real restart of Longarone Fiere after the ‘sanitary emergency”. Bellati is also keen to underline how this event is one of the most international fairs that takes place in Longarone: “It also concerns the world of nature. So an interpretation that we want to give more and more of a fair that is environmentally friendly and a friend of nature. Where nature is not damaged, but promoted, and at the same time an ethics, a custom, an environmentally friendly way of life is also promoted “.

Online, Gabor Dalmati also spoke: “Finally, after two years of crisis, it would seem that we can return to full activity without restrictions. The fair, as usual, will host reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and all those animals contemplated in the terrarium. Unfortunately, this category today is in a bit of a state of suffering due to a law that could close everything. Instead, it seems that exotic animals are safe, also falling into the category of pets, such as dogs and cats. And we hope it stays that way. Our fair, as it has been for 22 years now, is based on respect and passion for this type of animals. This year we will have about 100 exhibitors for 300 tables, representing almost all the Italian regions and 6 foreign countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and Slovakia. Our orientation is increasingly aimed at conservation and at giving more and more correct information to people, to teach that we must respect everything around us. In future editions we will find more and more seminars and small workshops, to teach future terrarists how to take care of these animals and how to respect their needs. We are therefore in a phase of transition and from next year Reptiles Day will completely renew its appearance by dedicating the same space both to the commercial aspect, sale and exchange of animals, as well as to training and information “.

A great surprise return. Also present at the conference was Davide Fain, the historic creator and founder of Reptiles Day together with Herman Schiavon, who with Gabor Dalmati had brought it to its maximum expansion. The new generations will also accompany him: Lorenzo Fain and Helen Schiavon, both passionate herpetologists. For Fain “Reptiles Day was born 21 years ago with the intention of creating an event where reptile enthusiasts could meet and exchange information, experiences, consolidate friendships for two days, creating a place to feel good, united by the same passion for reptiles, as well as being a time to introduce visitors to the fascinating world of cold-blooded animals. Many years have passed and now the time has come for Reptiles Day, to update without losing the initial identity. Unlike all the events on the national territory, which are reduced to being simple exchange exhibitions, this, once again, wants to be the reference point for all fans and for Italian herpetophilia “.

To go into more detail the two young people. Lorenzo tells us that “although Reptiles Day is one of the most recognized fairs in Italy, it needs, now more than ever, to stand out. What we will bring will be a different way of seeing the event, it will no longer be just a place to buy and exchange animals, but we will try to help people understand them. To be always present throughout the year, Reptiles Day will also deal with the dissemination of content on the web, dedicated to informing the public about the world of reptiles but also giving small opportunities to get to know the breeders and their work, thus allowing the visitors to be able to approach more peacefully

unreasonably, without fear of asking for advice from those who do this for a living. Also in this case we want to revolutionize the image of the fair, first of all revisiting the website, making it even more practical for anyone who needs to visit it, get more information, and can also contact experts for any eventuality. Modernizing it is the main intent, but we absolutely cannot forget what has made it great in recent years. This is why we want to resume some activities that involve both visitors and exhibitors, such as beauty contests that saw animals as protagonists. Basically, we want Reptiles Day to go back to being what it was in people’s thoughts many years ago, or rather an event of sharing and pure passion “.

In closing, Helen further specifies that “among the innovations we want to bring is the inclusion of workshops to bring newbies closer to this world. Inform them about what they are going through, from setting up the terrarium to managing and maintaining the animal concerned. We find it essential to raise awareness and sensitize the buyer, since living with an animal does not just mean buying it, taking it home and putting it in the display case. We need to put effort and dedication into it to ensure its well-being which not only includes the health and physical well-being of the animal but also its psychological well-being, the ability to express its natural behaviors. Furthermore, our goal is to pay greater attention to the welfare of the animals on display, so we decided to request an appropriate size for the containers based on the animals they will be destined for. And to create a special “storage” area where visitors can leave the previously purchased animals kept safe, until the end of their visit. A negative situation that can arise is the underestimation of a manifest problem in the animal: it is necessary to promptly contact a veterinarian to act in time and not simply rely on the internet or do-it-yourself methods that can, in many cases, worsen the situation. This is why we decided to include a series of contacts on the new Reptiles Day website, to put the enthusiast in contact with veterinarians specialized in the care of reptiles throughout Italy. Breeding and reproduction in captivity are essential for the protection of species and animals, even in nature: they lead to a decrease in imports and the risk of extinction. As you will have noticed in almost all the speeches the health of our animals comes out. This is no coincidence, but it is exactly where we want to go: first of all the health and protection of our pets! ”. We are therefore waiting for you on Saturday 28 May, from 10 to 19, and Sunday 29 May, from 9 to 17 in Longarone for the 26th Reptiles Day.

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