Longarone. New fast charging service for electric vehicles officially inaugurated

For Mayor Padrin it is ‘a very important service for the community of Longarone, for visitors to the Fair, and for all the people who will pass through’. President Bellati was satisfied, ‘with this service we want to set a good example for other organisations and subjects’.

On Monday 10 October, in the afternoon during the first day of Dolomiti HoReCa and Dolomiti Show, the ceremony that made official the new electric car charging service provided by Longarone Fiere Dolomiti took place.

The ribbon was cut by the President of the Province of Belluno and Mayor of Longarone, Roberto Padrin: “This beautiful charging station I think will be a very important service for the community of Longarone, for visitors to the Fair, and for all the people who will pass along this road leading to Cadore. By now we have to keep up with the times, and these investments are essential to ensure that road users can have alternatives to the classic petrol, the costs of which are soaring. Electric cars are certainly the future, and this service fits into that context. I am convinced that other such investments will be appropriate from here to Cortina’.
Great satisfaction also came from the President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Gian Angelo Bellati: ‘The Fair is at the service of the territory. So we thought of offering this service to motorists, those of course who have electric cars. We have these columns from Gas Gas, a company that won a tender and was selected precisely for this. The columns work very well, because we have heard from users, motorists, that they are happy. We hope that on the entire route from here to Cortina there will be the possibility of having more inlets, because we are at the disposal of businesses, citizens, and the territory. With this service we also want to set a good example for others who want to give those who own an electric car the chance to recharge it easily and quickly. Because here we also have fast charging, and anyone who is an expert in the field knows that it takes very little time to recharge their car. So onwards to the other authorities, on the route especially up to Cortina”.

Gas Gas’s Sole Director, Alessandro Vigilanti, was present at the inauguration: “We thank the Longarone Fair for hosting one of our most powerful columns in Italy. To date we have about 100 charging points already active, a portfolio of 300 and plans for 2000 charging points. A vision of an electric mobility that makes transport more sustainable and that is decarbonised, as we are requested by Europe, but also by the users are now ready for electric mobility.

Certainly an important building block in the indispensable services in the area. For the people of Belluno and for visitors to the trade fairs held in Longarone. For the tourists who will increasingly transit through these areas thanks to the fast-growing attractiveness of the Belluno mountains and the Dolomites, also supported by the many important events that will take place there in the coming years. From the Giro d’Italia in 2023 and on to the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics. Appointments in which a sustainable approach is now an essential element.

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