Luca Zaia guest of Viticoltori Ponte for the presentation of his new book

The Governor of Veneto guest of Viticoltori Ponte
for the presentation of his new book.

Ponte di Piave, Tuesday 20 December. In the Sala Botti of Viticoltori Ponte, a company with over 20 million bottles a year sold worldwide, the presentation of Luca Zaia’s new book ‘Pessimists don’t make fortunes’ took place. In the presence of over five hundred people, the President of the
Veneto Region, in dialogue with journalist Domenico Basso and with the participation of Canal – the well-known
infuencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, recalled his memories as a child, boy, man, in search of the
search for the country we have been but above all in view of the country we want to become.

“Whether we like it or not, the events of recent years have imposed a scenario destined to become a watershed between two eras. We can choose to suffer it, delude ourselves into thinking that we can counter it, or decide to
govern it.

With the frankness and passion that have made him one of the most popular fgures close to the citizens, in the book Zaia tells his story to recover through the past the momentum of a country in which ‘the strength to look to the future with optimism has never been lacking, even in the worst of times. Never has that gear that, from generation to generation, has passed on to us the desire to respond to any change, even the most unexpected, by committing ourselves to building something new’. In order to evaluate together the premises and consequences of the choices before us, he retraces some symbolic thresholds that in collective and individual history have marked as many decisive turning points for Italy’s growth. From the Veneto region of the 1960s to widespread prosperity, from the confrontation with the imagery of television to the advent of mass consumption, from the false myth of an uncontaminated environment to the wars whose atrocities arrive live on our screens, he measures himself against thorny themes and prejudices. He draws indications and insights to define how much still remains to be done on issues that, today more than ever, concern us all closely: ecological conversion, migration, universal rights, equality in practice and not only enunciated, new poverty, the relationship with young people, the real engine of rebirth, up to the goal of responsible autonomy.

With the concreteness of an administrator and beyond all ideological barriers, Luca Zaia shows that while change inevitably brings unknown problems, we must also know how to seize extraordinary opportunities. In the testimony of one who does not stop believing in the future, an invitation to exercise freedom of choice, not giving in to pessimism, ‘the last attitude our community needs in the face of the challenges that await it and that are just as tough as those in which it is already engaged’.

The meeting is part of Viticoltori Ponte’s “Aperitivi in Cantina” (Aperitifs in the Cellar) event, which has recently distinguished itself for the participation of actor Kabir Bedi and has many new appointments scheduled with prominent figures from the world of politics, culture, music and entertainment.

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