Marostica, one of the most important medieval sites in the Veneto region

Lying on the piedmont strip stretching from Astico to Brenta, not far from Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa, the town of Marostica is enclosed within the ancient walls of its castles and still retains the magic of past eras.

The characteristic city walls start at the Pausolino Hill and descend to the historic centre, connecting the Upper and Lower Castles. The Carmini path is the scenic route that follows the walls, offering visitors an impressive panorama. The Doglione, formerly known as the Rocca di Mezzo, dating back to medieval times, is worth a visit. The building was first a tollhouse for incoming and transiting goods and then the seat of the Chancellery of the protocol archive and armoury.

The famous chess game is considered the highest expression of Marosticense tradition, a magical moment for the Vicenza town, also known as the City of Chess. It is a medieval re-enactment that is revived every two years in the famous Piazza degli Scacchi, in front of the Lower Castle, and is inspired by a legend. It is said, in fact, that in 1454 two noble warriors both fell in love with Lionora, daughter of the Castellan of Marostica. The latter forbade the two contenders to fight in a bloody duel, imposing instead a singular chess challenge. The living chess game is played on the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September of even-numbered years and involves more than five hundred participants dressed in period costumes.

Those who come to Marostica in springtime will be fascinated by the soft hills and the expanse of cherry trees in blossom, a soft white colour that gives the foliage of the trees a fairy-tale whiteness. Roana, Sandra, Francese, Bella Italia, Milanese and Romana: these are some of the varieties produced in the area, so good that they can boast the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) mark and have been the protagonists of delicious festivals for many years.


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