Martino Zanetti’s Hausbrandt Group announces excellent results at the close of 2022

On the strength of its solid presence and expertise in the channel – where it is recognized as one of the reference players – the Hausbrandt Group, from its headquarters in Nervesa della Battaglia (TV), announces important numbers at the close of the year 2022.

The results speak for themselves: the Group’s total sales stand at €63.5 Million as of 09/30/2022, an increase of 17% vs. 2021, but above all an increase of 4.7% compared to September 2019, with a gross operating margin of 12%. Net income as of 09/30/2022 is over €3 Million. The net financial position has also improved compared to 12/31/2021, amounting to €2.5 Million.

“During 2022,” says President Martino Zanetti, “we pushed on the accelerator and continued to broaden our horizons while preserving tradition. The ability to innovate and anticipate trends, while maintaining a focus on sustainability, are among the drivers that have led to these results of growth and satisfaction.”

The Group’s brands have each contributed their share to the successful results. Champagne Martin Orsyn, with its fresh and pleasant style, desired and created by Martino Zanetti is constantly growing and has become a must-have, creating a new way of drinking champagne. An absolute record also for Theresianer Beer, which exceeded sales in 2019, already a very virtuous year. Also a feather in Theresianer’s cap are the many awards it has won, including the recent Gold Award it received at the Brussel Beer Challenge. Hausbrandt Coffee has spent a year in pole position, celebrating 130 years, with countless satisfactions in both sales and image, committed to respectfully transforming what nature offers, selecting the best coffee with passionate care and conscious attention.

Martino Zanetti has more than 60 years of entrepreneurial experience that has enabled him to overcome the impasse of difficult years. The entrepreneur huddled around his winning team at the Christmas greetings: the sales managers, the master roaster, the master brewer, the winemaker, and all the employees, in the knowledge of the leading position achieved by the Group. A corporate team, led by a young, under-40 management team, which has contributed to the success by working with the highest quality and fairness.

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