Millecampi Valley: a unique oasis between Padua and Venice

The Millecampi valley is a wetland of great natural interest that extends over 1608 hectares on the border between the provinces of Padua and Venice. Excursions in this open valley offer the possibility of immersing oneself in the lagoon landscape among sinuous freshwater channels known as ‘ghèbi’, mirrors of brackish water and wide ‘barene’ periodically submerged by the waters at high tide.
Amidst the silence of the lagoon, it will not be difficult to spot numerous species of animals that have found an ideal habitat here: surface and diving ducks, waders, sea swallows, little terns and black-winged stilts.

A large number of birds, such as grebes and herons, come to the oasis every year to overwinter. Rare species, popular with birwatchers, include loons, white herons, black storks, greater spotted eagles, buzzards, cranes, avocets and oystercatchers. While the vegetation capable of surviving in brackish waters includes mainly statice, glasswort, rushes and mugwort.

In the municipality of Codevigo, in the Fogolana area, there are four casoni that reproduce the typical dwellings of the valley. They have a square or rectangular floor plan with walls of terracotta bricks and a very sloping four-pitch roof covered with marsh cane. Finally, if you pass through here in the spring months, don’t forget to taste the famous Conche asparagus.

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